Monthly Archive for October, 2013

Beach Rooster

My latest watercolor: Beach Rooster. Yes, they’re all over Kauai. It’s like the perfect place for an Iowa Farm Girl to retire; don’t you think?

Playing in the leaves

I spent my morning playing in the leaves…

Abstract With String

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Today’s watercolor lesson was in Abstract, specifically created using string. Both of these were created with that method, and both are very different, yet very “mine.”

What do you see when you look at them?

The cool part about Abstracts is that whatever your answer, you’re right. 😉

Autumn Tree in Watercolor

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Fire-breathing Dragon in Red

This fire-breathing dragon is breathing itself.

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Swallowtail in Watercolor

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Homesick for Hawaii

Today’s watercolor project is brought to you by an intense homesickness for Hawaii. Kilauea Lighthouse.

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Bee on the Cholla

Here is today’s impromptu (and not-for-homework) project! You may recognize this from the photo I took this summer.

My New Adventure

I’m taking a watercolor painting class at our local Art Center! I love it! The last time I painted with watercolors, I was Claire’s age, and I accidentally washed my brush out in my milk.

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So far, so good!

The above shows my first project, the barn. It’s as done as it will ever be, and the second project was done today in class: the cactus flowers. I need to put some finishing touches on it, and it will be done, too!

Every class has the teacher showing us the finished product, and then she works us through the steps. Even though we’re all working toward the same goal, every single piece of art is different. It amazes me that I can start out with a completely blank sheet of paper, and create something like this.

It’s like magic.

I love it! I’m learning a lot! I can’t wait to see what our project is for next week!

The Perfect Night for a Pink Fluffy Robe & a Bath

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