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Happy 8th Birthday, Claire!!

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Hedgehog Cage Update

Lots of people have been asking about Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen’s cage, and I thought I’d post an updated photo.  The original post and photo are here.

The biggest change is the waterer we decided to use.

It’s a baby chick waterer!  Yes, really. It’s PERFECT. He was drinking enough water that we had to fill the bowl every day, which just isn’t possible if we go on vacation, and he never took to the water bottle on the side of the cage.

I have since wedged the waterer in the corner, because he ALSO loves throwing rambunctious Hedgehog Parties in the middle of the night, and we’d wake up to a tipped over bottle, soggy fleece, and a hedgehog that was snoozing as if nothing ever happened.

*sigh*  Teenagers.

The other change is the PVC pipe my husband picked up on one of his trips to the hardware store, “Just for Lord Henry.” He LOVES it. He’d started making a nest for himself by arranging the lavender fleece squares OUTSIDE the igloo, and you can see he’s hidden in them above. So, we took the igloo out and he seems to be enjoying his PVC pipe. He still runs on the wheel all night!

I still cycle the fleece bedding cuttings in and out of the cage. He doesn’t seem to enjoy them more than the squares, so sometimes I just stick with whatever is easiest at the time.

Now that he’s bigger, we’ve started playing with him at night out in the living room on a fleece blanket. He loves that. Once he gets comfortable, he kicks it into full speed and tries to explore more than we want him to, though, so he keeps us on our toes.

Quite literally sometimes.

So, that’s it! There are the changes that we’ve made over the last few months!

Sunset. Tree. Pond.

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The Old Gas Station

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