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My mom and dad gave Claire the above game for her birthday, and this week, we’ve had fun playing it with our holiday visitors. At one time, we had players ranging from 8-years old to 70+ years old playing! It really is a game that a wide variety of people can enjoy. (Merlin and Jasper, however, despite their enthusiasm, lack the skill to participate and spent the afternoon in “jail.”)

This has definitely brightened the holidays around here!

It’s a game of balance, as you match wits with gravity, using the relationships of the other pieces to provide support or anticipate the counter-balance as your piece swings free. Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and the pieces come crashing to the floor, to the chorus of cheers & groans from those circled around the base.

We laugh. We gather up the fallen pieces. We relinquish our turn to the next person, and play continues around the circle and back, where we have a chance to try again.

Oh, and this is how you play “Suspend,” too…


5th Annual Nutcracker Extravaganza

Yes, it’s our FIFTH Annual Nutcracker outing! I can’t believe it either.

Daddy happily takes photos of the ladies in exchange for NOT going to The Nutcracker every year.

Claire wanted to take MY picture!

This is my favorite Holiday Tradition. *No Flash Allowed…

Ho! Ho! Ho! HedgeHO!g

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