Valentine’s Day is Looming…Literally

Yes, it’s true. Claire has her Valentines done. So soon?

It’s worse than you think…We worked on Valentines over Christmas Break! What? She’s hooked! (Again, literally…the puns are just flowing today!) …and what better time to do it than when you have NO homework AND time to play with something new!

Claire LOVES making bracelets.

Here’s what we did this year for Claire’s Valentines.

I ordered packs of Red, Black, and White bands online. In bulk, they’re REALLY inexpensive. Claire made each bracelet, and I said I’d help her with the tags, which are just strips of pink construction paper and Sharpie.

We stapled the tags on each one.

Find the middle of the circle…

…and pinch to make a heart. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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