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Running for the Board of Directors

I couldn’t resist.

Yes, it’s true! I’m running for a spot on our local school Board of Directors.

If you’re new to my website, welcome! Feel free to poke around. I’ve been here since 2007, so there is a lot of content. (For a little bit about me, check out the About Page.)

I love what our current Board has done and is doing, and I’d love the chance to be a part of what the Board will do in the future!

…er, I mean, JoAnn!

Napoleon Dynamite would be so proud…

Science Fair 2014

Sciene Fair 2014

Claire grew crystals for the Science Fair!


Solutions Mixed

The Control


Both Salts 10 Days side view


Both Salts 10 Days


Epsom Salt 10 Days


Epsom Salt Closeup

Plain Salt 10 Days








Apple Blossoms Watercolor

Even though watercolors are best viewed from a distance, I have to remind myself not to get caught up in the up-close details. Also? Sometimes the hardest part about painting is stopping. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, if I do say so myself!

To see the steps up to this point, check out this post.

Watercolor: Apple Blossoms – A Work-in-Progress!

My latest Watercolor: Apple Blossoms, a work-in-progress!
Drawing, Masking, Background.


Masking (A latex solution is painted on over the parts I want to keep protected, until it’s time to paint them!)


Stay tuned for the final product!

The ChompaDesk

Claire stumbled upon a monster in her classroom!
She’s documented her discovery on a whiteboard at home.

A Trip to the Desert

Spring Break has come and gone! We had a fantastic time in Tucson, Arizona.