Curb Appeal

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The three of us worked and worked today, and this is the result. I am SO PLEASED with how it turned out! The funny part was the fact that everywhere I wanted to plant a new big plant, there was an even bigger root from our old pine tree. One root was too big to extricate, so we shifted our plans, and burst into laughter when we discovered yet another root! That one was only about 8-inches in diameter, so we got it out. (We didn’t have all day to devote to root removal, and since we could shift, we did. Unlike what happened that other time.)

When we FINALLY got the root removed (which involved the Sawz-all, a chisel, and a sledgehammer), I kept a straight face and said, “You know what? On second thought, I’d like that plant to go over HERE.” The look on my husband’s face was priceless. I let him in on my joke pretty quickly for fear he’d have a stroke.

So what did we plant this time? (This area has a lot of shade, with only the tip of the peninsula getting any real sun during the day.)

What did we plant where? This. This is the proof.

Yes I did take a photo of this so that we’ll remember. You’d be amazed at how many arguments this tactic has solved!

In the first photo, you’ll see off to the right, the flagstone path. Years ago, we lovingly (and painstakingly — you can read about that here and here.) planted yellow iceplant, wooly thyme, and pink chintz in hopes it would fill in between the stones, and it has!

The joy I feel when I see it is indescribable and worth every pulled muscle to get that stuff planted and tended. I can only hope this fills in that way, too!

I love it.

Edited to add, June 1st, 2014:

“Mom!” Claire screeched when she looked out the window this morning. “The flowers we planted yesterday are happy. They’re REALLY happy!” (Two blooms opened today!)

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