Unofficial Summer

It’s not summer yet, according to the calendar. That said, Claire got out of school on the 23rd of May.

All A’s All Year – Awards Assembly

The iris is blooming in full force.

…and our street construction crew has a sense of humor (or hasn’t actually looked at the sign).


I weeded* for over two hours yesterday and did so upside down apparently, because I later realized I should have sun-screened a portion of my back UNDER my shirt. Youch!

*weeded involves tugging with my entire body on weeds that are half my size. I was going to take a Before Photo but just opted to to tell you to google “rainforest undergrowth” instead.

The early alarms have been shut off until August, and I LOVE this time of year. Today, I was *this close* to wishing someone a great weekend. (Apparently it’s Wednesday? Who knew.) Unofficial Summer or not, it’s my favorite!

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