Always default to Ninjas

“So, what happened to your foot?” This is a common question around these parts, from pretty much everyone who sees my boot.

Boot From the side

And, rightly so. I mean, it’s hard to miss.

The story about how I hurt my foot is just ridiculous. (…in that it leans to the BOOOOORING side of things.) You can read back through all the posts, and I’ve eluded to this story but not said it out loud all at once.

Over a month ago, we took out these massive junipers in the backyard. It was QUITE the undertaking. We worked on it all day, for hours and hours, and the next day, we were just BEAT. Our bodies were just sore. Well, that wasn’t out of the ordinary for doing what we did to get those things out. (It involved a couple different types of spades and a fence post leveraged on a rock! Yes, really. We needed a backhoe or a pickup truck and a winch…but our collection of tools in the shed is sadly devoid of those things.)

A week or so went by, and I realized that my foot never stopped aching. In fact, it got worse. I tried ignoring it, but to no avail.

Finally, I went to my foot doctor and he determined that my sesamoids (tiny bones in the ball of your foot, by your big toe) are injured. They weren’t broken, which is good, but they needed to be immobilized to heal. The ONLY thing I can think of is that it all happened when we removed the junipers.

…that or the fight in the alley with the ninjas.

You know, after turning 40, I just don’t bounce back from those brawls like I used to. 😉

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