Multiple Choice Question

JoAnn is:
1) Building a Stormtrooper Outfit one piece at a time.
2) Finding creative ways to make summer seem longer.
3) Going to any length to prove there really is something wrong with her, and she’s not just getting old.
4) Blaming the Junipers and their removal process, despite the fact it can’t be confirmed.

All of this sounds much more exciting than the reality:

5) JoAnn did something traumatizing to her sesamoids*. They require at least two weeks of immobilization to heal.

*Sesamoids are tiny bones in the ball of your foot/big toe. Who knew?

Edited to add:

Yes, I need to inflate and deflate my boot with this handy tool. (I just noticed my boot photobombed this picture. Needy little thing!)

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