Two Ponds

We finally had a chance to check out a hidden gem in our neighborhood.

Two Ponds is a National Wildlife Refuge, the smallest urban unit in the United States, at 72-acres. (I counted three ponds, but I won’t let that bother me. …too much.) 😉

The trails were well-maintained, but not stroller-friendly in parts. (This was an excuse I made up while in the midst of the trail for not taking Claire here sooner! Yes, yes, she’s 8.5-yrs old and we haven’t been stroller bound for eons, but still. It sounds good!)

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I love taking photos of people when they’re not watching.

Blue Skies Reflected

I think one of the skills that is lacking in our society right now is the ability to just be. The ability to sit still and let nature happen around you isn’t something most people hone anymore.

I’m trying to change that with Claire.

(…and other than the few photos I snapped, this was an analog mission. There were no devices in use.)

We stood still, for a long time, and it was amazing how alive the pond became. We could hear the bullfrogs calling to each other (which is something Claire has never heard, as they’re pretty rare out here in CO). We saw the turtles swimming from log to log, but it took them awhile to realize we weren’t there to pester them. We became one with the background, and they started moving about, oblivious to our presence.

It really is amazing and refreshing, just to take a beat (or half a dozen) and just let nature’s breeze play with your hair as you sit quietly. When you become one with the surroundings, you’d be amazed at what is presented to you.

We’ll definitely be back.

Pretty as a picture

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