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Hippy Dippy Food Coloring

Hippy Dippy Food Coloring

This is what I found when I went to replenish her School Snack Stash. I just poured the new ones on top. Heh.

As soon as I heard myself say it, I knew it was a mistake.

“Wow! They use beets to color these instead of chemicals!”

ROOKIE MOVE, man. You’d think I was an amateur.

3 Things: Day 7

1) There is a calmness that descends upon the house when the Toilet Paper Stash is at full capacity.

2) I used the seat warmers today for school drop-off.

3) A full gas tank makes me smile and plot my escape. …then I remember that I love it here and drive home instead.

Time-honored Tradition

Taught Claire the time-honored tradition of using a bag to make a book-cover. We didn't use the old-school brown paper bag, but she found an old gift bag she liked. I even had enough left to make a matching bookmark. Yeah! p.s. These Math Books are HUGE, not to mention HEAVY.

Taught Claire the time-honored tradition of using a bag to make a book-cover! We didn’t use the old-school brown paper bag, but she found an old gift bag in my stash she liked. I even had enough left to make a matching bookmark. Yeah! p.s. These Math Books are HUGE, not to mention HEAVY.

Edited to add the instructions! People have asked, so here they are!

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

3 Things: Day 6

1) Venturing outside without my boot! So far, so good. I’m cautiously optimistic. (Yes, “two weeks” was almost “two months!!”) Honestly, I’m so giddy I could dance a jig, but that may qualify as “overdoing it.”

2) I love our Grocery Store at 7:45am. I love being back into the “I get groceries after I drop Claire off for school on Monday morning” Routine. Wanna know who else goes to the store at 7:45am on a Monday? Hardly anyone. True story.

3) Freshly attended-to eyebrows. Now, the villagers can put away their torches & pitchforks, and my neighbors can sleep through the night.

3 Things: Day 5

1) Claire has her homework packet done for the week! She’ll still have Math homework every night and a Geography test on Friday to study for, but this is a huge weight lifted.

2) Claire’s Halloween Costume has arrived, and it’s hanging in the laundry room unbeknownst to her. It’s a surprise for her & perfect! Want a hint? All I have to find is a golden lasso. 😉

3) I LOVE ticking major things off my To Do List! (…and not just the things above!) Yeah!

3 Things: Day 4

1) Merlin and Jasper turned the ripe old age of THIRTEEN on Wednesday. We sang happy birthday to them, and promised to get them a new toy out of the stash when we all had time to enjoy it. They’re not picky, so they were accommodating to our new school schedule, and Claire picked one out last night. (Yes, we have a drawer full of cat toys. Don’t judge.) Merlin & Jasper transformed into crazed beasts. They batted that mouse around all night and then told me as soon as I got up this morning that it was stuck under the closet door in the hallway. Seeing them play like this reminds me of when they were kittens, and I can’t believe it was so long ago!

2) “When I got up this morning” was 9:30am. It’s not my preferred Crack of Noon on the weekends, but it was a welcome change to the Back-to-school routine! Refreshing!

3) Claire is helping Dad replace a toilet! They’re not working on just the innards (she already knows how all those work – yes, really!), but the whole shebang! (You know it’s a good project when you can use the word shebang!) How is this a positive thing? There is a power that comes from demystifying a toilet. Trust me. 😉

3 Things: Day 3

1) Ray’s. Glazed. Donuts. Lamar’s.

2) Claire scared me half-to-death when she came bopping into my room this morning, humming a little tune. She told me about everything she and Dad did while I was at my meeting last night: First she read her book! Then they watched Wonder Woman! Then they played with the remote control cars on the track in the backyard! Then they played Bocce in the same track! Then they lounged in the hammock! Then she went to bed promptly at 8pm! I don’t even care if that last one was fudged a bit, because, well, see the first sentence behind the “2)” above.

3) Friday.

Choosing a Charter School

A post I wrote is on Mile High Mamas today. Click here to check it out!

A post I wrote is on Mile High Mamas today. Click here to check it out!

3 Things: Day 2

I’ve got my 3 positive things, and it’s not even 10am yet. (Last week, at this time, I wasn’t even out of bed by 10am. No, this isn’t one of my 3 things. Haha!)

1) I had a meeting at the school today at 8am, and as requested, I dropped Claire off using the drop-off lane and then circled back around and parked. I waited until the doors opened to venture to the school. Her independence makes me smile, and I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about what a rascal she was as a little girl.

2) I have found the point in a report where the report becomes exciting. There is a cycle with these things: I was told to do it, and it was daunting, but I took it on with a smile. I felt overwhelmed but excited to get started. I got even more overwhelmed, but trudged ahead, determined to make sense of things. I discovered a key piece, and the rainbow appeared and birds started signing. Now, I’m giddy to get it completed. Don’t tell anyone, or they’ll make me do more reports.

3) I checked my mailbox in the office at the school. Because I’m on the Board of Directors, I HAVE A MAILBOX IN THE OFFICE AT THE SCHOOL. This still tickles me to no end.

3 Things: Day 1

My friend tagged me in a challenge on Facebook. Normally, I don’t participate in these types of things, but I like the message behind this one, and it’s something that I’ve been doing for years anyway: noticing the positive things. It’s true; we find that which we seek, and I dig positivity, man.

So, every day for the next week or so, I’ll be posting 3 things that have made me smile today. I’m supposed to tag people, and I’ve done so, but anyone can play along, and if those people don’t have time to post to FB every day, I hope they still try to find 3 positive things, because when you look, you find them, and who doesn’t like things that make them happy? Amazing how that works. 😉

Without further ado:

1) I got all the recycling out to the curb BEFORE the trash company got here. They come on Thursdays. Recycling is every-other-week-and-which-is-this-week-I-know-let’s-just-panic-when-we-hear-the-truck just wasn’t working for us, so I put it on my calendar for Wednesday nights. Yes, really. Now, my neighbors don’t get to see a crazy redhead dashing to the curb in who-knows-what on Thursday mornings. You’re welcome.

2) We are getting into the school routine, and a calmness has descended upon us. The cogs are whirring nicely. I love this feeling.

3) Dad and Claire are watching an episode of Wonder Woman, and I can hear them giggling. I know that they’re giggling for entirely different reasons, and that makes me smile.