3 Things: Day 1

My friend tagged me in a challenge on Facebook. Normally, I don’t participate in these types of things, but I like the message behind this one, and it’s something that I’ve been doing for years anyway: noticing the positive things. It’s true; we find that which we seek, and I dig positivity, man.

So, every day for the next week or so, I’ll be posting 3 things that have made me smile today. I’m supposed to tag people, and I’ve done so, but anyone can play along, and if those people don’t have time to post to FB every day, I hope they still try to find 3 positive things, because when you look, you find them, and who doesn’t like things that make them happy? Amazing how that works. 😉

Without further ado:

1) I got all the recycling out to the curb BEFORE the trash company got here. They come on Thursdays. Recycling is every-other-week-and-which-is-this-week-I-know-let’s-just-panic-when-we-hear-the-truck just wasn’t working for us, so I put it on my calendar for Wednesday nights. Yes, really. Now, my neighbors don’t get to see a crazy redhead dashing to the curb in who-knows-what on Thursday mornings. You’re welcome.

2) We are getting into the school routine, and a calmness has descended upon us. The cogs are whirring nicely. I love this feeling.

3) Dad and Claire are watching an episode of Wonder Woman, and I can hear them giggling. I know that they’re giggling for entirely different reasons, and that makes me smile.

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