3 Things: Day 2

I’ve got my 3 positive things, and it’s not even 10am yet. (Last week, at this time, I wasn’t even out of bed by 10am. No, this isn’t one of my 3 things. Haha!)

1) I had a meeting at the school today at 8am, and as requested, I dropped Claire off using the drop-off lane and then circled back around and parked. I waited until the doors opened to venture to the school. Her independence makes me smile, and I can’t wait to tell my grandkids about what a rascal she was as a little girl.

2) I have found the point in a report where the report becomes exciting. There is a cycle with these things: I was told to do it, and it was daunting, but I took it on with a smile. I felt overwhelmed but excited to get started. I got even more overwhelmed, but trudged ahead, determined to make sense of things. I discovered a key piece, and the rainbow appeared and birds started signing. Now, I’m giddy to get it completed. Don’t tell anyone, or they’ll make me do more reports.

3) I checked my mailbox in the office at the school. Because I’m on the Board of Directors, I HAVE A MAILBOX IN THE OFFICE AT THE SCHOOL. This still tickles me to no end.

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