3 Things: Day 4

1) Merlin and Jasper turned the ripe old age of THIRTEEN on Wednesday. We sang happy birthday to them, and promised to get them a new toy out of the stash when we all had time to enjoy it. They’re not picky, so they were accommodating to our new school schedule, and Claire picked one out last night. (Yes, we have a drawer full of cat toys. Don’t judge.) Merlin & Jasper transformed into crazed beasts. They batted that mouse around all night and then told me as soon as I got up this morning that it was stuck under the closet door in the hallway. Seeing them play like this reminds me of when they were kittens, and I can’t believe it was so long ago!

2) “When I got up this morning” was 9:30am. It’s not my preferred Crack of Noon on the weekends, but it was a welcome change to the Back-to-school routine! Refreshing!

3) Claire is helping Dad replace a toilet! They’re not working on just the innards (she already knows how all those work – yes, really!), but the whole shebang! (You know it’s a good project when you can use the word shebang!) How is this a positive thing? There is a power that comes from demystifying a toilet. Trust me. 😉

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