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Cerulean Blue

When I went to get my nails done this time, I decided to be bold! Life is too short to be boring, so I looked down at my tie-dyed shirt, pointed to the vibrant light-blue color and said, “Do you have THIS color?”

Fun Nails

She did.

I thought I was being unique! I love this color, and it’s not one you see everywhere!

…until I started looking around my house.

Apparently, I’ve been drawn to this color for a long time!

Cerulean Blue

It’s everywhere!

  • My water-bottle that I use every day. (Duh? How did I miss this?)
  • I have a whole set of dishes (just the plate is visible here, but there are matching bowls and salad/dessert plates, too.)
  • The watercolor I did for the “This is our address and this is the number to the house” Emergency Framed Thingy-ma-bopper.
  • …and office supplies, apparently? I mean, even my clippy is a (now) very familiar color!!

This amuses me to no end! I love it.




I LOVE this. I captured the grin as she tries out her outfit one last time before Picture Day tomorrow.

Claire is growing up so fast. In November, she’ll be 9…going on 34. That said, she picked her outfit for Picture Day for tomorrow by how well the skirt twirls. I love it!

Last Day of Summer

Flip-flops, warm sunshine, nice breeze... It was fun while it lasted!

Flip-flops, warm sunshine, nice breeze… It was fun while it lasted!

Chopstick Pro

She doesn't remember a time when she *couldn't* eat with chopsticks. In her mind, she always has. I love it!

She doesn’t remember a time when she *couldn’t* eat with chopsticks. In her mind, she always has. I love it!

Yes, she eats edamame with chopsticks. The little Iowa Farm Girl in my head wouldn’t even understand that sentence!

Audio Confusion

Claire is in Chorale at school, and they’ll be singing in a Choral Festival.

Daddy was wondering what horses and the ocean have to do with anything.

“Did you run around in a circle?”
“Were there lassos?”
“…and snorkeling?”


We got him back on the right track.

The Clip of Sanity

What? It works!

What? It works!

Of Trolls and Ballerinas

Despite the fact that Claire’s Gymnastics Coach is a big burly man, he demonstrates everything he wants them to do, with ease. I found the following quote in my phone. I HAD to write it down when he said it, and thinking about it made me smile all week:

Coach walks to the end of the beam and says, “Are we gonna turn like an old grumpy troll?”

He then lumbers around at the end of the beam, looking an awful lot like an old grumpy troll.

“Nooooo, we’re going to do a beauuuuutiful pivot turn,” and he does so with a grace befitting a ballerina.

I guess you had to be there.



I run a pretty tight ship around here. The mornings, usually, run like clockwork. This morning, Claire got her morning routine done early and wanted to know if we could just go to school. Sometimes I acquiesce, but today I told her we would be too early, and we should just wait until the alarm went off. (I have an alarm set on my phone for when to leave. Don’t judge. It works.)

Eventually, the alarm goes off, and of course, I have to go to the bathroom. She teases me that I should have all my tasks done before the alarm. We laugh. We joke. We get down to the car and get on our way.

…only to come upon Wadsworth at a stand-still at our intersection.

After some creative maneuvering (and a mental note to find yet ANOTHER Ninja Route), we bypass the clog and see a horrible accident.

…right where we should have been.
…right where we would have been, had the gears & cogs kept whirring like they normally do.


Our Hedgehog is Ticklish

Our hedgehog is ticklish.

Our hedgehog is ticklish.

LHQR Ticklish

It’s true! Right there, behind his left front leg.

LHQR 9.5.14

Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen certainly is a handsome fella.

Reading Challenge Goal Met!

Reading Goal Met


She did it! Look at the number!
She said it was meant to be.
Make a wish!