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New Signature Stamp 2015

New Carve Sig 2015

It was time.

Signature Stamps 2015

Frigid Beauty

As we were driving to school today, we marveled at the steam rising from the lake. It does this nearly every morning when the air is crisp.

Then, Claire gasped. She commented on how pretty the icicles on the gazebo at the lake looked. It was then that I knew I had to get some photos, so on my way home, I stopped and hopped out of the car.

Correction: I carefully slid out of my vehicle, quite literally, as the roads are still a sheet of ice. (This is Colorado, so they’ll be thawed in a couple of hours.)

01.22.14 1

I walked around the lake, taking photos, trying to capture in pixels the magic of it all. (I remember a time when I’d say “on film,” but that’s just not the case anymore when you use a magical handheld device.)

The air-temp was 10-degrees Fahrenheit, so the geese acted like they were in a hot-tub! (…and looked like it, too!)

01.22.14 2

It’s no secret that Winter is not my favorite season. I love that it kills the creepy-crawlies, and frankly, that’s about it.

That said, we can either spend our time wallowing in the fact that this isn’t the beach or revel in the fact that life is pretty awesome despite the cold.

01.22.14 3

When we seek beauty, we find it.

East and West

This last August, we had a chance to take Claire back to Iowa for a visit. Seeing her reaction to fields and fields of corn, it struck me as to how different my childhood was from hers, so I decided to get a picture of my childhood vistas.

I took a picture while standing in the middle of the gravel road in front of my childhood home, one looking east, and one looking west.

Looking East

Looking East

Looking West

Looking West

At one time, this view was the only view I knew. It was the only one I truly understood. For as long as I remember, though, I’ve dreamt of mountains. I wondered if I squinted hard enough if I could see them. (I couldn’t.) Every now and then storm clouds would mount on the horizon, and I’d pretend I could.

Now, I see the mountains every day, and they are just as magical as I’d hoped they’d be. (This January marks 16 years that we’ve lived in Colorado, and if you’ve poked around on this website at all, you know how much I absolutely love it. I’ve yet to take the mountains for granted.) Now, I’m surrounded by buildings and concrete and cars and so many other humans at any given moment. Yes, I love it, but it’s different. We have the lake and wildlife and the mountains, but it’s all very urban.

In my childhood, it wasn’t this way.

I was surrounded by fresh air, gravel roads, crops, loved ones. The buildings that existed were dwarfed by the farmland. We recognized every vehicle we saw. Those who lived closest to us, whether it be a quarter mile down the road or a mile (which isn’t really close by today’s standards) were members of my family tree.

One childhood isn’t better than the other. It’s just different. I love seeing the above photos as a reminder.

…and if you squint, I’m just sure you can see the mountains.