Yesterday was my 41st birthday! If you’re a long-time reader of this website, or even a close friend, or anywhere near me when I’m out in public, you know I *love* birthdays, mine especially. ūüėČ Seriously, they make my heart smile, and I love having an excuse to celebrate! What’s a better excuse than a birthday!?

My phone was literally dancing across my desk all day with all the texts and emails wishing me the best. I had perma-grin as I scrolled through all the Facebook notifications (which I keep OFF my phone for various reasons), where I’d been not-so-subtly reminding everyone that my big day was this week. (Facebook tells people when your birthday is, so that was an added perk.)

Then, late last night, as the frenzy started to wane, my phone lit up with another text from an out-of-state friend, a friend I’ve known¬†for TWO DECADES now. I smiled when I saw her name, before I even saw the text. Her message started out with an explanation that there would be three texts, and she’d waited until my birthday to share them with me. Along with this first message¬†was a picture that didn’t really make sense. It was a colorful photo of a program I’d seen on her Facebook wall. I wasn’t sure how it pertained to me. I was intrigued.

The second photo popped in, and again, the pieces weren’t really falling together, but I was hooked. Where was she going with this? I love a mystery, and the puzzle started tumbling around in my head. I scanned the text in the photo under the “Phenomenal Women” header, but I didn’t recognize the names. I held my breath, wondering what the third text would be.

When that photo popped onto the screen of my magical handheld device, tears sprang to my eyes, and I literally gasped out loud.

Phenomenal Honor

*Click photo to see more detail.

I’m humbled.

I needed these words. I’ve often felt as though I’m speaking into a void, and I’m¬†never sure if my¬†words are having an impact at all, and then I question whether it matters anyway. I have words and entire books in my head, in my heart,¬†and half-finished on my computer, and my energy to work on them ebbs and flows. I’m okay with that, and I’ve made peace with my life and choices and priorities. I wouldn’t change this, any of this, my life,¬†for the world.

…but this gift was something I didn’t even know I needed until I received it.

Thank you.

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