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Science Fair 2015

Will a Hedgehog React to Different Colored Lights?

Will a Hedgehog React to Different Colored Lights?

Doesn't everyone's Science Fair Project come with a Hedgehog Disclaimer?

Doesn’t everyone’s Science Fair Project come with a Hedgehog Disclaimer?

(The school has such silly rules about no flames or live hedgehogs.)

…although Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen HAS visited the school before in person (in hedgehog?).

Claire did all the work herself on this project. I was the Hedgehog Wrangler (again, as you can see from that above link). She learned that he does NOT react to blue, green, or red light! He DOES react to white light, which we knew already. This was a really cool experiment.

…and she knows that The Science Fair is one of my favorite things, so she obliged with “just one more picture.”

Science Fair 2015 More Photos

Go Science!

Here are links to the other Science Fair Projects she’s done:

Paper Chromatography (1st Grade)
Growing Crystals (2nd Grade)

Supper Bell Denver Review

Here’s a Short Sweet To The Point Review of Supper Bell, Denver:

Ease of ordering: Great
Quality of Food: Fantastic
Value of Food: Awesome
Would we recommend this service? Absolutely, and we can’t wait for them to offer service to our zip code!

Here’s a more lengthy review, more befitting of The Casual Perfectionist:

I get pitches all the time. In fact, that’s what I do with most of them: pitch ‘em…get it? Something about this pitch caught my eye, and I popped over to the Supper Bell website. Alas, they weren’t servicing my zip code, but I responded to the email and told them I was intrigued and to let me know when they were.

Imagine my delight when they responded back right away and offered to make an exception. They would love for us to try the food, on the house, in our zip code anyway.

(So I did.)

The hardest part about all of this was figuring out what to choose. It all looked so good!

I placed my order and arranged delivery, and on Thursday, our knight in shining armor arrived on his white steed.

Just kidding. It was a cute little van.

...and he was right on time. Bonus!

…and he was right on time. Bonus!

And he came bearing gifts:

SupperBell Order

Each meal comes with “no-brainer” instructions on how to reheat which particular items.

These are the meals we reheated...

These are the meals we reheated…

These would be served as is...

These would be served as is…

So, what did we order?

Family Chicken Meal
Summer Quinoa Bowl
Gigande Bean Salad
Niçoise Salad
Chicken Nuggets & Polenta Cakes
Orange Mini Cake

As I said above in the quick review, everything was great. The parts we didn’t prefer have nothing to do with Supper Bell, and more to do with our personal preferences.

For example, Claire wasn’t a big fan of the Kid’s Chicken Nuggets. She didn’t like the breading, and she’s not a huge fan of Polenta. We tried the Chicken Nuggets, and we weren’t a huge fan of the breading as well. We love Polenta, so we helped her finish that. (However, she’s *not* a fan of BBQ sauce, and actually really liked the kind they made. Go figure!)

Neither my husband nor Claire are big fans of quinoa. I wasn’t going to include this in my order, but Supper Bell suggested I try it, and I *am* a fan of quinoa, so I thought it would be good to try, knowing it would be a hard sell. The verdict? They tried it, and I didn’t have to fight anyone for the rest of it. (Their loss!)

My plate, Round One.

My plate, Round One.

Two huge favorites were the Gigande Bean Salad and Niçoise Salad. In fact, Claire would have eaten the whole Niçoise Salad before we even sat down to dinner, and the Gigande Bean Salad may actually be my husband’s and my new favorite food! Seriously. It’s THAT good.

The Family Chicken Meal turned out to be much bigger than I anticipated, and because the chicken came in two separate containers, I only heated one half. (Even then, we couldn’t eat all of it. We had the rest of that portion as left overs the next day, and we had the other half last night for dinner.) It was juicy and so savory. The potatoes were to die for, and the radishes were good, too. (We’re a fan of radishes. If you’re not, it may not be for you.)

I wasn’t sure how “mini” the Mini Cake would be, and it is pretty tiny, but just the perfect size to have a little something sweet for dessert. As luck would have it, Claire wasn’t a big fan. She twisted our arms, so we begrudgingly agreed to help finish her portion. *shifty glance*

Supper Bell Mini Cake

Our bill, with tax and delivery was just under $60. This really was restaurant quality food, and we’d gladly use this service again. (I do a Weekly Meal Plan, so it would be great to fit this in on a day when I want something fancy without all the prep-time.) “Wow, this was worth it!” my husband said, which is pretty much a top review from him.

As always, this review was honest as we see it. The food was provided by Supper Bell, but the words are all mine. Mmmm. …and now I’m plotting about how to get some more of that Gigande Bean Salad…

Tears of a unicorn

“MOM!? You got the sap out of my shorts!? Yaaaaaaay!” Claire screamed from her room, when she saw her now sap-less shorts neatly folded on her bed. “HOW DID YOU DO IT!?”

“You’d better thank me,” I said with a low, mysterious voice. “It was SO HARD. I had to use the tears of a unicorn.”

“Oh no! THAT’S TERRIBLE,” Claire shrieked. “I mean, WHY WAS HE CRYING??”

“Because someone got sap on her shorts when she was specifically told not to.”


Just kidding. It was shockingly easy-peasy. I used this chemical-laden spray that has never let me down yet, despite my “I’ll never get this out!” warnings to said adventurer.

Finding the positive

Today on the way to school, I told Claire to think of at least one positive thing about everyone she has to deal with today. It was an energy shift I think we needed as we go into this last month of school.

She’s rattling through the list, linking positive traits with people who just a moment before were annoying her in some way. Then, she comes to a particular person.

“I can’t think of a single good thing, Mom!” she said. (What? It’s true. We all have those people to deal with…end of school antsy-ness or not.)

“Hmmm,” I said, not willing to let this one person derail her. “You feel better if you avoid this person, right?” She agreed vehemently.

“Well, [Redacted] isn’t a Ninja! That’s a GREAT thing. No sneak attacks. You can avoid disaster with ease!”

“[Redacted] isn’t a Ninja! That’s AWESOME!” she said, laughing. “Never mind. There IS something good about everyone!”

LEGO Americana Roadshow 2015

The three of us were invited to a VIP Sneak Peek of the LEGO Americana Roadshow in Park Meadows Mall on Friday, April 10th. It was a hike for us “Northerners,” but we picked Claire up from school and headed there straightaway. Traffic was what we expected, and it took us about an hour to get there. We’d timed it perfectly! We love this part of town, but we don’t get much of an excuse to head down there. We decided to make a night of it.

(We may or may not have had a Birthday Boy with us… and as luck would have it, one of our favorite restaurants is located down in that vicinity…) 😉

As with these events, there is swag. This time, the adults got bags, too! Claire made out like a bandit in her swag bag with a LEGO set and all kinds of goodies. We had fun stuff as well, including a free t-shirt from a local shop called Peek…

…for Claire. (So, things may have tipped in her favor.)

The store was cute but pricey. After we got home, I pulled up the store online and I nearly had a heart attack when I saw how much her “free” t-shirt cost. As a friend said, we won’t be wearing that one on Spaghetti Night! It is also true that I’ve lost all sense of what clothing for kids should cost. Regardless of that, the store has super-cute and inspirational things.

But we were there to see the LEGO buildings!

They were amazing. I love seeing how intricate these designs are, and the sheer magnitude of the structures and their complexity is awe-inspiring.

Liberty Bell (this one was life size!)

Liberty Bell (this one was life size!)

The Capitol

The Capitol

Washington Monument

Washington Monument

Waving Flags at the base of the Washington Monument

Waving Flags at the base of the Washington Monument

Can you find Lincoln? He's in there!

Can you find Lincoln? He’s in there!

And just like in real life, this one was a bit smaller than we anticipated. ...but still cool.

And just like in real life, this one was a bit smaller than we anticipated. …but still cool.

So, if you like LEGO structures and have a chance to head down to Park Meadows, you should check this out! It was really cool.

...and while you're there, you can enter to win via Instagram. Or not. We'd like to keep our chances of winning in our favor.

…and while you’re there, you can enter to win some LEGO moolah via Instagram. Or not. We’d like to keep our chances of winning in our favor, thankyouverymuch.