Finding the positive

Today on the way to school, I told Claire to think of at least one positive thing about everyone she has to deal with today. It was an energy shift I think we needed as we go into this last month of school.

She’s rattling through the list, linking positive traits with people who just a moment before were annoying her in some way. Then, she comes to a particular person.

“I can’t think of a single good thing, Mom!” she said. (What? It’s true. We all have those people to deal with…end of school antsy-ness or not.)

“Hmmm,” I said, not willing to let this one person derail her. “You feel better if you avoid this person, right?” She agreed vehemently.

“Well, [Redacted] isn’t a Ninja! That’s a GREAT thing. No sneak attacks. You can avoid disaster with ease!”

“[Redacted] isn’t a Ninja! That’s AWESOME!” she said, laughing. “Never mind. There IS something good about everyone!”

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