The “3, 2, 1, DONE” Bath Soak

I promise The Casual Perfectionist is about more than Essential Oils, but I *have* to share my latest find! I love sharing potions. Here is another one we tried!

I stumbled across a recipe for a Bath Soak, and as luck would have it, I had all the oils I needed in my trusty kit.

3 2 1 Done BathSoak

I already keep Epsom Salt on hand and use that for soaking in the bathtub already. To the 1 cup of Epsom Salts, I added 3 drops of Lavender, 2 drops of Stress Away, and 1 drop of Peppermint. (Get it? 3… 2… 1… Ahhh.) Sitting in a steamy bathtub with this potion can do wonders.

It feels so good, both Claire and I have tried it, and LOVE it.

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