A Passion for Potions

You may have noticed some subtle changes here at The Casual Perfectionist. I’ve changed some pictures on the landing page. I’ve added a tab at the top.

What have I gotten into now? Well, as with most stories here at The Casual Perfectionist, there’s a short version, and there’s a long version.

Claire and I have a new game. I cover the label, and she guesses the Essential Oil ingredients. (She’s REALLY good at it!)

Oh, who am I kidding? They almost always end up being the long version… 🙂

In the past, I’d heard about “Essential Oils,” but I never gave them a second thought. I didn’t really understand them, nor did I feel they would fit into my life. Fast forward to our wonderful trip to Hawaii in May, and both Claire and I got severely sunburned while on a Beach Day in Maui.

Yes, I know I sunburn.
Yes, I know how to apply sunscreen.

…despite evidence to the contrary.

It was a comedy of errors that landed us in our predicament, and there wasn’t anything proactive we could do at that point. (In my defense of Claire’s sunburn, she’d insisted on doing her sunscreen on her face HERSELF. She told me she did it. I believed her. The sun made her fib quite evident. Apparently when your mom slathers sunscreen on you your entire life, you don’t really think you NEED sunscreen. Wrong-o!)

My go-to for all things sunburn-related has always been Aloe. We always bring a bottle with us when we travel.

A teeny, tiny bottle.
A bottle that we discovered would coat only one part of one part of one of us…and that wasn’t going to be enough.

I hobbled down to the ship’s store and purchased a tube of Aloe.

Not only did the Aloe we bring offer no relief, the new tube didn’t either…but what can we do!? I kept slathering it on, hoping the tide would turn.

We were eating one of the awe-inspiring meals in the unbelievable buffet (can you tell we’re new to cruising?), when a woman in a captain’s uniform makes her way through the dining room. She stops at our table and says, “Oh, it looks like you ladies have had fun in the sun!” We chat, and she proceeds to tell me about how I need to get some Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil for our burns.

What? An oil? Are you out of your mind, lady!?

I politely listened to her and she was quite adamant about it.

The Aloe wasn’t working, and we were desperate. I made another trip to the ship store that night and found a section that had the Hawaiian Kukui Nut Oil.

I begrudgingly bought it.

You know what?

I could put clothes on without crying. I could sit without wincing. The pain wasn’t completely gone, and the redness was still there, but it wasn’t puffy. Claire’s face went many shades lighter within a couple hours.

I was amazed. We dutifully slathered on this oil, and it was amazing how quickly we bounced back from this big ol’ stupid situation.

But then I got to thinking…oil? Maybe there is something to this oil craze.

When I got back, I started researching. There are Essential Oils that can assist with a myriad of different things, from sleep to stress to cleaning your house with natural products. I really had no idea.

Essential Oils are not new. In fact, they’re very, very old. I was so intrigued!

I have a friend who lives near me that dabbles in Young Living Essential Oils. I contacted her, because I was curious. What do these oils smell like? We don’t like things with fragrance here…but I discovered that what we don’t like are artificial fragrance. The “real” smells of the therapeutic grade oils are actually quite pleasant. As with anything, some do not appeal to me, and some have grown on me, and we all have our own tastes, but I was pleasantly surprised.

So, after thinking about it, I decided to sign up for the wholesale discount. I bought the starter kit to see what this is all about, and I’m finding new things to integrate into our lives here every day. I love sharing what I’ve learned and helping others get their oil fixes, too. (Fixes? See what I did there? Punny!)

I got the whole kit, because you get a deal on all these things together, AND you get the wholesale discount on any future orders.

If you’re interested in checking this out and/or getting a wholesale discount, let me know. I’ve set up a tab above for Essential Oils, and my Young Living link can found by clicking here or on the photo above.

My husband, in true form, has started calling me a Witch Doctor. He teases me about my potions and snake oils. Life wouldn’t be the same if he didn’t do that! 🙂

Despite all the jesting, at the end of the day, he asks me to rub a pain relief concoction on his back and then asks for the one that works on bug bites.

At this rate, I’m going to have to order him his own bottle. 🙂

Curious about what this is? Let me know. I’d love to share what I’m learning! I love discovering this new-found passion for old potions. I learn something new every day, and it never ceases to amaze me.

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