A Purse for Essential Oils

I’m a clutch kinda girl. In college, I carried everything I needed in a small wallet on my key-chain. When I had Claire, I didn’t carry a huge baby-bag, and by the time we ditched the diaper-bag, I was able to just get by with a well-stocked smaller purse. For the last few years, I’ve just carried a clutch. I love it!

I don’t like big purses. I do like having what I need with me, but I just like those things to be compact.

As you know, we’ve jumped into the world of Essential Oils. Prior to July, I never gave them a second thought. Now, I’m trying to figure out how to take them with me and still not have a big purse!

I did some searching online and discovered Borsa Bella. They have purses in this line that are created especially with Essential Oils in mind. There are a few different shapes and sizes, and I went with this one. It has a small handle that can turn into a wrist strap, or it can be re-attached to a longer strap, if you want. (A long strap is sold separately, but I have one of those that I keep in my glove box if I want to be hands free.)

Borsa Bella Wrist Strap

NO, this is NOT a paid ad! I wish… 🙂

Borsa Bella Desert Bloom

I opted to go with the Desert Bloom material, because it spoke to me the minute I saw it.

I opted to go with the Deluxe Take Along, because it’s roughly the same size of my clutch.


Inside the purse is an elastic band that has been sewn to make compartments that will protect Essential Oil bottles. I have the 5ml bottles in here now, but the 15ml ones fit, too.

Because there are bands on both sides, you can either fill both sides up with oils, or fill one side up with oils, or use any configuration you want to fit your other things.

Both ways seem to work with the wallet I have, but right now, I’ve got my oils on one side and my wallet on the other. (Because it’s got some padding to it, you can fill the whole thing up with oils and put this in a larger bag, or use this as your purse like I’ve done.)

Borsa Bella Outside Pocket

There is a waterproof pocket in the front that is perfect for my phone!

As for the oils I’m planning on taking with me to the park and when I’m out & about?


There is an extra spot available for either the Thieves Spray or Thieves Hand Sanitizer. I haven’t decided which of those (or both!) I’ll keep with me.

I’m so glad I found a way to keep my oils with me AND still have a small purse!

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  • This is so cute! I adore the print and love that it has adjustable straps and to accommodate a phone. I never kept a diaper bag, either. My car or stroller was always nearby so I was always fully stocked on all of the necessities. Now I just struggle with fitting all of the oils I need into one small clutch. Sigh.

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