DIY Fresh Spray

DIY Fresh Spray YLEO

I made another potion. (I’m not a witch! They put this nose on me! …she turned me into a newt! …I got better.)

😉 (All hail the Monty Python fans in the crowd.)

You know that air freshener/deodorizer that probably got its name from a FrEsh BREEZE?

Well! I just made something like it, from scratch.

Yes, really!

I’ve labeled my version “Fresh,” as you can see in the picture above, and that’s exactly how it smells. (“Wonderful” wouldn’t fit on my label.) I also labeled the cap for the bottle as a reminder that I should store the bottle without the sprayer in it. Since this concoction has citrus in it, leaving the plastic sprayer to sit in it can make it all wonky, so plan accordingly.

I got the recipe for “Kitchen Deodorizing Spray” from my Essential Oils Desk Reference, and I altered it to fit the size of the bottle I wanted to use. The recipe says it’s for more than just kitchens, and the description of its uses sounds a lot like that other stuff I used to use.

The recipe calls for:
* 2 drops Rosemary
* 4 drops Lemon
* 2 drops Eucalyptus Globulus
* 4 drops Lavender
* a quart of distilled water

I didn’t use quite a quart, so I changed the number of drops of Essential Oils.

The result?

Ahhhh-mazing! Once again, I’ve found a potion that is so easy to make and yet very effective. The notes with this recipe say that it not only covers up the odors, it cleans and deodorizes the air. You can also use it to disinfect the surfaces you wipe down.

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