No More Hedeghog’s Poopy Laundry

You know what? I’m tired of doing a Hedgehog’s Poopy Laundry. (That has to be one of the strangest sentences I’ve ever typed out loud.)

I’ve made an Executive Decision to switch to shredded paper bedding. The fleece we’ve used for the last 2.5 years works really well, but you have to launder it. (I’ll let you figure out who the YOU is in that sentence.) I accept all my duties as a Hedgie Momma, but I didn’t change poopy diapers for this long, so I have reached my limit. I have no problem justifying movin’ on to a different way, Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen. You’re on notice, Royalty or not.

Plus, my husband found a quill in his sock. Again. The hard way. He’s on board with whatever I decide.

So, no more quills in the washer and dryer.
No more fleece bedding.
No more poopy laundry.
We’ve switched to shredded paper bedding, which will require more bags going in the trash (maybe?), but use less water & energy. So there. 🙂

New Nest for LHQR

Henry seems to be adjusting just fine with his new nest.


New bedding LHQR

Funny side note: I had no idea how much bedding to buy. It was on sale at the pet store: buy 2 big packs, get 1 pack free. I wasn’t sure if I’d need more than one pack, but I was going to start with that until I saw the deal. Three bags for the price of two? Sure! Why not? Well! To cover the entire bottom of Henry’s cage, I used a smidgen of ONE bag. I’ll see how often I need to change it, but odds are, I may have just purchased a year’s supply. Ha!

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