Breaking the Rules

Okay, normally, “The Rules” are: 1) if it’s not actively precipitating, and 2) if it’s above freezing, we’ll go to the park after school.

Momma broke the rules today, and we went to the park when it was below freezing!! Why? Daddy & Claire got Momma a new coat, and IT’S SO COMFY. Red, puffy, awesome COMFY. (I sense a conspiracy.)

Park Day 01.08.16

In related news, Claire found her favorite thing: ICICLES.

Claire "rescued" a big one!

Claire “rescued” a big one!

I found a unicorn at the park!

I found a unicorn at the park!

Icicle 01.08.16

Claire found a wand.

Claire found a wand.

Looks like we may have to amend “The Rules” after all… 🙂

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