Jasper 2001-2016


We had to put Jasper down this afternoon. He was almost 15yrs old and led a big, long kitty life. He was feisty and awesome and our very, very first baby (along with his brother, Merlin). We were convinced he’d live forever until things took a drastic turn on Thursday. 🙁 We made the decision to end his pain.

And, because if I don’t laugh, I’ll sob (some more), when they asked us if we wanted his ashes, we declined. Claire and I had already talked about it… I mean, “Where would we sprinkle them?” we asked each other, grinning through our tears… “The furnace vent? The bed? The kitchen counter?” Our vet does a paw print, and we think that’s going to be just perfect.

Needless to say, we’re a blubbering mess right now. We’re not sure how Merlin will do without his brother, as they’ve never been truly apart. And one thing’s for sure…it will be a lot quieter around here.

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