DMNS and a Mishap with a Mastodon

Where have we been? I said I’d keep things updated here on the blog, and then *poof* we disappear. Well, Grandma came to visit, and she’s still here! I have been spending too much time hosting and not enough time updating, but I thought I’d risk doing things out of order and pop in to share some fun photos from today. (I’ll update about the rest of her visit later.)

Today, we took her to one of our absolute favorite places in Denver: The Denver Museum of Nature & Science (or the DMNS, as we like to call it). We’re members here and love taking our guests to explore!

Grandma has been here before, but there’s never enough time to see everything in one visit, so we made a point to put this on the itinerary again. She was thrilled!

We had an opportunity to check out the Planetarium AND the Viking’s Exhibit. We always go up to see our favorite view of the city, and this time, the solar telescope was there! (What a treat! If you’re there, you need to check out the terrace level and see if they have it set up!)

Then, when we were done for the day, Claire was unexpectedly crushed by a mastodon.

The End.




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