Grandma’s Visit to Colorado

There is something magical that happens when you live in a vacation destination. You gain an appreciation for your surroundings that may not always be there. Colorado is a hot spot to visit in the summer and the winter, and for years now, we’ve hosted guests year-round. (We’ve also lovingly referred to our home as The Hotel Rasmussen for this very reason.)

This year, Grandma came to stay with us for a week. We spent our time hiking, crafting, playing games, and seeing the sights! To make things easier, I wrote up each day and posted them where they would have been chronologically, AND I’m going to post links to them here, just so you don’t miss any:

Grandma’s Visit: June 9 and 10
Grandma’s Visit: June 11 and 12
Grandma’s Visit: June 13
Grandma’s Visit: June 14
Grandma’s Visit: June 15


While I’m at it, I’m going to share a funny thing that happened while I was taking yet another sunset picture the other day. (I can’t stop taking them!) Here it is, another wonderful sunset on the lake picture:

Wait. Wrong camera. Bah-hahahah!

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