Majestic View

This morning’s hike was another gorgeous stop minutes from our home. (Again, how lucky are we to live in an area that integrated natural spaces into its development!?)

When you hike in the morning, it’s cooler, and you beat the school/summer camp tours. Bonus! In fact, just as we were wrapping up our hike a whole busload of neon-shirted explorers arrived! Perfect timing on our part!

This park is a nice mix of paved trails (!?) and well-maintaned gravel ones. The vistas are just stunning!

It’s baffling as to why this is called “Majestic View.” đŸ˜‰


Panorama of Majestic View


I love the cute little adobe building!

Myth: Sunflowers are happy flowers. We discovered the sobering truth in the Nature Center! Hahahahaha *snort*


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