RIP Sweet Hedgehog

We had to put Lord Henry Quillington Rasmussen down today. He’d lived such a long and wonderful hedgie life, but we’re so sad.

Hedgehogs typically live between 3 and 5 years, and we were nearing 5 with him, so this wasn’t shocking, but that doesn’t keep our hearts from aching. He’s not been himself for a while, and he really started wobbling. I knew it was time, because he recently stopped eating and drinking. Rather than wait and risk his life becoming too painful, we opted to take him to the humane society for their end of life procedures today.

Before we set out, Claire and I took him outside for one last playtime in the grass.

See his two little teeth? For some reason, this picture cracks me up!

Claire’s handprint and Henry’s little paw.¬†

The happy memories we have of him will live on forever.

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