Two Ponds 2017

Yes, longtime readers of The Casual Perfectionist will recognize this place, but it’s been a while since we’ve strolled these paths! Claire and I took off this morning to check out Two Ponds National Wildlife Refuge. It’s another hidden gem, practically in our backyard! This time, we saw NO OTHER hikers on our adventure, until we were heading out. Amazing!

I love Colorado, but I’ll be honest. Lately, I’ve been feeling like we’re surrounded by too many people, too much of the time. Yesterday’s and today’s hikes have reminded me that not all hope is lost. It is possible to find solitude in such a magnificent (and popular!) place.

Yuck. Another terrible hike. This place is a dump.


Flora (photo by Claire)


Flora AND fauna (photo by Claire)




Two crazy hikers

Bench-sitter in the background, yucca mid-ground, and bird-pooped post front and center. (It’s a running joke that it’s not a REAL trail marker unless it has bird poop on it.)

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