Colorado Renaissance Festival 2017

One of our favorite places (and things to do, all wrapped into one!) is the Colorado Renaissance Festival! We weren’t able to go last year, but we’ve gone many years in the past. This year, we brought some friends who had never been before, and they had a great time, too!

I got a sassy new haircut! The feathers I have for my Renaissance Festival hat were too big for the hat I wanted to wear (#FirstWorldProblems #RenFestProblems), so Claire wove some of my scarves together and made me a new band! I love it!


We’ve been collecting pieces over the years to add to our costumes! The Jingle Skirts are still a MUST!


Claire is smitten with her new Elf Ear Jewelry. (I snapped this pic while we were watching the Joust!)


This is 2011 Claire and 2017 Claire next to the big knight. Wow!

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