Fireworks at the Lake

Just after sunset. Just before the show(s).

For the last few years, we’ve walked to the lake & watched fireworks erupt all around us, from the professional and non-professional shows. It’s magical & we don’t have to deal with crowds & parking. Last night we did the same, and the shows were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. …and absolutely amazingly illegal.

Are fireworks illegal in Colorado? I think the official answer is yes, but the real answer is no. (In fact, you can set them off in the park right by the police station. All night. Yes, really!)

I didn’t try to take lots of pictures of the fireworks, because I’d rather be in the moment (i.e. enjoy them…and be ready to run). This one turned out well, though!

We opted to embrace it. We took it all in, and we were astounded by the beauty all around us.

Last night was one of the best shows we’ve been to, quite honestly. After we walked home, we marveled at the nonstop explosions around us, talked about how we’re lucky we (and our critter) can sleep through things like that (the loud attic fan drowns out most sounds), and then we ran our sprinklers for most of the night, just in case.

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