Hearing Her Voice

My husband and I have done trips without Claire in the past. The grandparents have graciously dropped everything in their (albeit retired) lives and come to stay with her, handling school and activities in our absence. The longest trip we took was 2-weeks in Hawaii. Every day, we’d call and talk to her. Correction: Every day, we’d call and they’d MAKE her talk to us. She didn’t really miss us. Not really.

I’ll never forget the day we raced around the island (we’d gone exploring in the boonies) to reach a spot where we had cell service so that we could call her for bedtime, and we stood on tippy toe, holding the phone just right to have enough bars, and she didn’t even really want to talk to us. 😀

This week, Claire has been in Outdoor Lab, and I haven’t missed her. Not really. I know she’s in great hands, and she needs this time to stretch her wings. I’ve relished my new schedule. The lack of early morning alarms means I don’t have as many stellar sunrise photos, but I’ve adjusted. 😉

What I realized today is that I miss hearing her voice. I can’t wait to hear about all her adventures. I’m glad she’s been cut off from us, but I’m starting to feel the tug on my heart.

What a great experience this has been. (…and I don’t even have the details yet!)

😀 ♥

Edited to add: I’ve finally uploaded some photos!

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