Claire’s First Concert – Katy Perry!

Claire turns 12 on Thursday, and the Katy Perry concert just happened to coincide nicely with this big event. Back in August, some friends and I purchased a group of tickets. They were nosebleed tickets, but we knew Katy would put on a great show regardless of the seats.

Fast forward to tonight.

Claire and another girl and I decided to take the stairs (as opposed to squeezing on the escalator with the mob), and we hoofed it to the second floor.

We make it up to the 2nd floor (our seats are on the 3rd floor) and an usher stops us by the stairs and says, “Are your seats on this level?” I say, “Nope. We’re in 320…upstairs,” and she says, “Would you like to upgrade to the floor for free?”

“…for real.”

They upgraded all 7 of our tickets TO THE FLOOR from the 3rd floor NOSEBLEED.


We were flabbergasted.

We were like 20 feet from Katy Perry. It was a fantastic show. Claire (and all the girls in our party) got one of the eyeballs they tossed into the crowd!! It’s MASSIVE. (I can’t stop joking about that. #ItsAllFunAndGamesUntil… #IveGotMyEyeOnYou… ) WHAT A GREAT EXPERIENCE. Wow.

And on a school night, no less.

Click photos to zoom.

Another friend was there and took this picture! I found us! (See the circled area. Claire is behind me with her pink cat ears.)

Here’s what the giant eyeball looked like while we were waiting. The eye moved around and blinked!

The eye was also used throughout the show. The sets were absolutely amazing!

**And, yes, we were very cognizant of hearing protection. We got all the girls concert earplugs that they could use last night and at any concerts in the future!

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