Outdoor Lab

During the week of October 23rd, Claire had the opportunity to go to Outdoor Lab. (I wrote about that here.) I’ve finally had a chance to sort through all the pictures that were shared with me, and I’m amazed at what was captured!

She told me that the rappelling was her favorite part. (!?) She said, “The first time I did it, I was so scared my legs were shaking! The second time, I was still scared, but my legs weren’t shaking, and the third time I did it, it was just a lot of fun!”

Yes, she did something that terrified her THREE times…because of course she did.

We’re capable of doing hard things, and the sooner she learns this, the better. It was such a great experience for her!

So, without further ado, here are some super-cool pictures of Claire on the High Ropes Course and Rappelling. (As always, click the photos to enlarge. I did alter some of the shadowing on the photos so as to see more detail in some of them.)

Enjoy! (Or not, if you’re afraid of heights!)

High Ropes Course:

She had to stretch to reach this first rope.

…then she had to reach even farther, which involved letting go!


At one point, her harness got tangled, and she had to figure out what to do.

…but she figured it out!

See the moon?

Ending in a ride on the Zipline!


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