The Red Bucket

Five years ago, an artist living in Barbados contacted me. She had come across a photo here and wanted to know if I’d give permission for her to paint it in oil paints. Her own daughter was well past “the red bucket stage,” and our photo spoke to her. She said she’d give credit to me on her website when it was done. I granted her permission to do so.

It was a photo that we had printed and have hanging in our hallway, because we love it so much. How cool that someone in Barbados noticed it, too! (Behold the power of the Internet!)

Every once in a while, I’d think of that random artist and wonder how she was doing. They were just fleeting thoughts, not enough to warrant any research. She’d pop into my head, and I’d go about my day.

At the beginning of February, I got another email from her. It’s done! It’s beautiful. It’s our little Claire, exploring the beach in California, red bucket in hand.

Click photo to enlarge.

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