New Floors!

We finally did it! When we moved into this house in 2001, we were greeted with brand new builder-grade carpet. It was never our favorite, but it suited our purposes. Over the years, we made improvements here and there, but we knew we wanted to ditch the carpet and get new flooring. The timing had to be right, and there were lots of moving pieces to consider. We’re nothing if not patient. (Heh…when it comes to major projects, that is.) Fast-forward a few years (more like a decade-and-a-half!) and look what we did! WE LOVE IT. The crew we used was fantastic.

This was QUITE the undertaking, though. I keep the place pretty well organized, but even I had things on the floors of closets. All of everything on this main level of the house needed to be sorted, purged, and moved to the lower level of the house.

This was one of our more ambitious projects, but it was worth every pulled muscle!!


We picked something that is waterproof, pet-proof, scratch-proof, and yet it looks just like hardwood. It’s the best of both worlds.

*happy sigh*


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