30 Day Shred

Have you heard of the 30 Day Shred?  Are you a Shredhead?  Do you want to be?

I was using Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.



If you want to scroll back through the 30 Day Shred Category to find out more about MY adventures as a Shredhead, you’re welcome to do that, or I’ve put together a list of each of the days, in order, from the beginning:

Day 0: What? I’m in shape. Round IS a shape.

Day 1: I didn’t die. I didn’t cry. But, there was lots of groaning.

Day 2: Summoning My Inner Yoda

Day 3: I’m sorry. I can’t hear you over all the screaming.

Day 4: Drop-and-give-me-twenty would be an ironic punishment

Day 5: Managing expectations

Day 6: Into the groove

Day 7: This is where I say, “Your Results May Vary!”

Day 8: Is there lots of paper involved?

Day 9: Maybe I am an exercise person

Day 10: Floating off the ground

Day 11: I am a machine.

Day 12: Walk the plank

Day 13: Lucky Number 13

Day 14: My own personal trainer

Day 15: And that’s no joke!

Day 16: The routine

Day 17: And less is the goal

Day 18: Just a quick update

Day 19: If I wasn’t so sweaty, I’d burst into flames.

Day 20: I gargled my heart for 10 days. What’s next?

Day 21: Jillian saves the hardest for last

Day 22: Rugburn in places I’d never expect

Day 23: It’s officially a habit, and then some.

Day 24: A new pace

Day 25: Day 25 is done!

Day 26: Be careful with the scissors

Day 27: The sneaky spicy salsa of the 30 Day Shred

Day 28: Push. Hang in there. Breathe.

Day 29: Kinda like the last 30 seconds, only better.

Day 30: We’re all naked under our clothes. [Results and photos!!]

And then what?

Day 31 and beyond: Think Level 1 is too easy if you’ve been to Level 3 and back?  To quote Jillian, “Think again, buddy.”  Click here for the most recent updates!

But, my journey didn’t start with The Shred.  Click here to see how long the journey has been!