The Jumpitz Celebrate Animals!

Claire and I had the opportunity to check out The Jumpitz Celebrate Animals! DVD. This DVD centers around The Jumpitz, a group of five friends: Jake, Josh, Emily, Mari and Nathan. Through their songs and dances, they teach wonderful messages. Joining them in their antics are two full-sized stuffed creatures: Katmandu, a kitty, and McSniffley, a puppy.

Claire LOVES this DVD. In fact, she loves it a little too much. This movie, unlike any other, has caused her to literally throw herself on the floor in a sobbing heap, when I won’t let her watch it again…and again…and again…and again.

If that doesn’t say “two thumbs up,” I don’t know what does.

So, would I recommend this movie? Absolutely. Your kids will love it.

You, on the other hand may not. It is a kids‘ movie, so I do cut it some slack. I don’t appreciate large stuffed creatures that talk, but my 3-year old totally digs it. The messages are awesome, and the songs aren’t too annoying. The reason it makes my life miserable? Claire can’t watch it just once. There is always a huge fight that ensues, and unless I have a sure-fire way to distract her when we’re done watching it, I have to prep for battle.

So, what’s the final verdict? What’s the best way I can think to sum up my review? “Your kids will love it so much that you’ll hate it.”



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