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An anniversary of sorts

May 14th marks the one year anniversary of my first post-dated post. Technically, this blog was born on July 22, 2007, but I really started writing with the intention of eventually posting online, one year ago today.

So, if you look in the archives, that is what you’ll see, because I post-dated my writings for clarity’s sake. One year and 481 posts later, here I am!

At first, I didn’t write every day, and it wasn’t until August that I started updating daily. Will I always update daily? I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out as time goes by.

A lot has changed around here. We have a new look. We have some ads. I captured the best of the blog for 2007 and published it in book-form. And, I have some new priorities. It’s ever-changing, and I love chronicling Claire’s journey into toddlerhood and my journey into parenthood. Both are full of surprises and adventure.

As I’ve heard many times before, the only constant is change, and I may be a perfectionist, but I’m trying to be casual about it. And, I’ve discovered that the more you pretend to be flexible, the more flexible you actually become. I dare say this may be one of the keys to surviving raising a toddler.

Well, that and always having Fruit Snacks on hand.


So…here’s to one year, and many more!

Harry and David

I’m in love with a new store.

I’ve wanted to write about this place for a while, but a certain someone reads this site, and I know she’d be wondering why I was talking about such a place, and then she’d figure out what she and Dad were getting for their 35th Wedding Anniversary today.

Yes, I’m talking about my mom…and Harry and David. Have you heard of this place? You have? Where have I been?

A while ago, my siblings and I were discussing what to do for Mom and Dad’s 35th wedding anniversary. We were bouncing ideas off one another, and in one of the many emails going back and forth, one of my sisters said that she’d always had good luck with Harry and David in situations like this in the past.


I didn’t want to admit that I had no idea who she was talking about, so I nonchalantly typed the name into Google and immediately fell in love with this store! Where has it been all my life! Surely this is a regional thing and that’s why I’ve been left in the cold dark world without Harry and David. Then, I realized that one of the malls in our area has a store! How could I have missed this!?

No, I’ve not gotten the courage to actually walk into a Harry and David store, because I’m not sure if I’m strong enough to walk out. 🙂 Just looking at the site online makes me want to lick my monitor, so I’m afraid of what the clerks would do to me if I was left alone in the room with all of the actual gift baskets. Those places have video cameras. Youtube is an icon. Claire wouldn’t want to go anywhere in public with me again. 😉

Anyway, we sorted through the bazillion options and settled on what we thought would be the perfect gift for Mom and Dad. Hopefully the real-life basket was just as exciting as the online version. It actually arrived earlier than we anticipated, but with the crazy weather the Midwest is having, I suppose ‘early’ is better than ‘dumped in the ditch somewhere on its side in the middle of an ice storm.’ 🙂

I just peeked at the site…dangerous, I know…and it says that today is the LAST DAY to order something for Christmas and have it arrive via standard delivery! Here’s the link! So, if you’re at a loss as to what to get a certain someone for the holidays, or a birthday, or an anniversary, check out Harry and David. I really don’t think there’s a poor choice.

No, this little product review is not a paid endorsement, and like I’ve said before, if something appears on the sidebar, it’s purely coincidental. (Awesome, but purely coincidental.) 😉

Of course, now that I know how wonderful Harry and David is (are?), I see them everywhere. Go figure.

Oh, and Happy 35th Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Here’s to many more!

Happy Anniversary, Babe!

SEVEN Years!!

Today marks the seventh anniversary
of the day
we ran to the courthouse,
legally tied the knot and
hopped a plane to Vegas to celebrate.


November 15, 2000 – the day we went on record


It’s hard to believe we’ve been together almost ELEVEN years.


February 11, 1997 – the day I knew it was real


Through all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t change a thing,
because it all has made us who we are,
and I love who we are.
I love that you love who we are.


Even though things have changed over the years,
our lives are just as hectic now as they were seven years ago…
And almost eleven years ago…
But, our lives are different.
And, yet they are the same.


Almost two years ago
we added someone
to this bond
we created so many years ago.
Every day I look at her
and silently thank you for being who you are,
because without you, she wouldn’t be here.
Without you, I wouldn’t be here.


I love you.