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Bigger Than We Thought

Wanna see something gross, but not really? This is the size of the cyst removed from inside my foot. (The Pathology Report listed it as 2.0cm by 0.9cm by 0.8cm. It did not, however, say it was green.)

Alive & Kicking. Well, With One Foot Anyway…

One of these is my sexy new footwear, & one of these is from Victoria’s Secret. Heh.

So, let’s see. A lot has happened since I posted last:

Visitors arrived to The Hotel Rasmussen, and Merry Holidays were had.
A New Year traipsed through our living room and looked at me sitting with my leg propped up and giggled.


On the 21st of December, I had foot surgery. I’ve been recovering ever since.

I’ve got a bunch of things to share when the dust and glitter settles, and after Claire goes back to school on the 8th and I get my stitches out (hopefully that same day?  I’ve been denied once already, so I’m not getting my hopes up.)

Stay tuned!