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The Birthday Thank You Card Tradition Continues

This is a copy (albeit purposely blurred) of the Birthday Thank You Photo Card we created and sent this year.

I’m a huge proponent of sending Thank You cards. Claire is finally able to write her own notes, and she loves doing it. If this is one tradition that is passed down to other generations, I’ll feel as though I’ve contributed something beneficial to a polite society.

One thing I’ve always done is take photos of the party and make those into a Thank You Photo Card.  Claire writes a personal note on a sticky-note that we put on the back of each photo.  (I just use photoshop to create the collage and save it as a .jpg.  I then have them printed at Tar-jay.  Cheap!  Easy!  Two of my favorite things…)

A Thank You & a Souvenir of the party all wrapped into one? Perfect!

This year, we had Claire’s party at a “paint your own pottery” place. It was a huge hit! While the party-goers painted, and I helped facilitate the details (and take photos), Daddy painted a plate to commemorate the occasion.

We had all the kids write their name on a balloon that he drew on the plate, and he painted their signatures. You can see the end result in the middle of the above Thank You Card Photo.

He did an amazing job!

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Birthday Party Lunch Pack Idea

We had Claire’s 7th Birthday Party at the local pottery painting place (more details on that to come), and the timing was going to put it pretty close to lunch-time.

The party was to be from 10am to 11:30am. The first hour was devoted to painting their masterpieces, and the last half hour would be devoted to a light lunch and ice cream cake and gifts.

The kids at the party are all in the same school and have lunch at the same time, around 11am, so I thought it would be best to serve a lunch before the dessert.

What did we serve? How do you serve kids quickly and with as little chaos as possible? When doing the party plan, this idea popped into my head, and it worked like a charm:

The paper plate fits inside a gallon ziplock bag.

Included in the pack was a spoon wrapped in a party napkin, carton of milk, applesauce, cut carrots, Pirate Booty, and a ham & cheese sandwich.

The plates came in sets of 8, and there were to be 7 party-goers, so I made up all 8 to have an extra, just in case we needed it.  All of these lunches fit in our little cooler, and when it was time to eat, they were extremely easy to distribute, and the kids had fun digging in!

If we have another party that falls around lunch time, we’ll definitely be doing this again!

Lucky Number 7

Happy 7th Birthday, Claire!

I’ll be posting more photos of the big day & the party tomorrow, but in the meantime, can you guess how wide our freezer is?

It’s as wide as the circular base of an 8″ ice cream cake, without the protective plastic case.

Ask me how I know.

My Heart is Full

Today marks 38 trips around the sun for me! In honor of my birthday, Daddy and Claire surprised me with the most thoughtful gifts I could have ever imagined.

She and Daddy made me Hawaiian beach scenes in pastels:

Daddy has recreated the Black Sand Beach of Maui, and Claire has also included a beach scene (I can surf! Sweet!) and the stars we can see from the telescope are conveniently hovering right over our beachside condo.

Claire wrote me a poem that says:

When the street lites go out
the stars shine brite
and the moon
glose in the nite!

My heart is full.

The Perfect Birthday Party Idea for a Six Year Old

If you ask Claire what the theme of her party was this year, she’ll say, “Rosetta!”

But, the truth?

It was Run-Around-Like-A-Crazyperson Theme, with a brand new Rosetta doll making an appearance by the cake and on the Birthday Memory Book.

We had Claire’s party at The Little Gym, where the kids played solid for over an hour (with cool mixture of directed activity and free-play) before being sugared-up with an ice cream cake.

My favorite quote of the party?

A little boy took a bite of the ice cream cake and said with complete amazement, “WOW! THIS CAKE TASTES JUST LIKE ICE CREAM!”


After the ice cream cake, the kids formed a pyramid for me to take photos…

(I always use a group photo as a Thank You Card…it’s a great way to send people a little memento of the party AND an easy way to stay on top of the Thank You process.)

…and then they had a little more free-play before the party came to an end.

This was a Run-Around-Like-A-Crazyperson Theme, after all.

As party favors, we handed out some handwoven bracelets we’d purchased in Mexico, and the kiddos got to take home a balloon.

This year, in stead of gifts, Claire decided she wanted all of her friends to make her a picture. I thought this was a fabulous idea!!

I made a Memory Book for the pictures, and compiled it last night after the party. She has spent so much time looking over each masterpiece and truly cherishes each and every one. Speaking of the artwork, they ARE masterpieces. You can tell each person put so much into his or her picture for Claire, and the smile on Claire’s face when she looks at each one almost brings tears to my eyes.

Getting to run around like a crazyperson AND receiving a treasure like this? It’s the Perfect Birthday Party Theme for our six year old.


Happy 6th Birthday to Claire!

Click the photo to read about Claire's birth story.

Almost a week ago. Almost Six.

…and today she IS six!

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Change of Scenery

Momma, Claire and Baby Rose

This weekend, we all squished in the car and headed up the hill for a weekend of mountain fun for Daddy’s birthday! (Momma got to sit in back with Claire, Baby Rose and the skis, because our friend got to ride shotgun.)

A Claire-sized Robe

This particular mountain resort had a Claire-sized Robe. We love resorts like this!  The guys skied while Claire and I lounged around in our matching robes and played in the pool.  It was fantastic!

Night Lights

At night, it snowed, and the trees were so pretty from our room. We even watched a beaver make his way over the ski bridge! It was fascinating to watch. It was also nice to see that a place like “Beaver Creek” isn’t based on false-advertising.

Snow for the birthday boy

It was just what the birthday boy wanted…

…and it was even better when we could leave all the snow in the mountains when we left!

Glenda has officially retired! Welcome Eva!

In June of 2009, I dipped my toe into the SmartPhone pool and have never looked back. Glenda was a welcomed addition to our family. She was a BlackBerry, and I loved her.

As if naming her and personifying her isn’t the first clue.

She’s never let me down. She was a great introduction into the SmartPhone world.

But, June 2009 was a long time ago. In technology years, Glenda has reached retirement age. Because she IS such a smart phone, as soon as I started researching other options, she started twitching every now and then. When she realized her actions were backfiring and it made me research even MORE, she started acting like a perfect little angel almost all the time.

Still, I could tell it was time.

I’ve wanted an HTC EVO since the day I saw one last year. I even put my name on the wait list at the local Sprint Store and they called me! But, I wasn’t ready for the switch, so I let mine go to the next lucky person in line.

Fast forward to my birthday. Daddy and Claire had cooked up a plan, and Claire was going to give me a new phone for my birthday!

Originally, Claire was very distressed at the mere possibility of letting Glenda go. She was distraught. This way, she got used to the idea of Glenda retiring and someone else taking her spot.

I think the resemblance is uncanny.

Meet Eva.

She’s an EVO.

She also looks like EVE (Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator) on WALL-E, and he pronounces her name, “Eeeee-vuh,” so that’s why we’ve spelled it with an ‘a.’

She’s not Glenda, but she’s awesome.

So, I’ve got my very first Droid for my 37th birthday. I wonder how old Luke Skywalker was when he got his? 😉

Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my birthday! Long-time friends know that my birthday falls on the only command of the year. “March fo(u)rth…and conquer!”

I’m 37 for those of you playing along at home. That means that I’m closer to 40 than 30, but I’m still closer to 35 than 40…not that any of that matters, because in my head I’m 27.  Go figure.

Plus, it’s not the years; it’s the mileage.


Anyway, I’ve had a fantastic Birthday Weekend so far!

Here’s a sneak peek of one of the things we did today:

Yes, we bought a yearly membership to the Butterfly Pavilion at the end of February, and we’ve already gone a few times in the last couple of weeks. I’d have to sit down and do the math, but I’m pretty sure it’s already paid for itself…and we’ve only had it two weeks.

More about my Birthday Weekend later!  I hope you have a great weekend, too!

Happy Birthday, Claire!

Born November 30, 2010 at 1:49 pm

New Momma, New Claire

She’s barely a day old in these photos.

November 30, 2010

*I know she’s five, but I question the math. I certainly don’t feel five years older. 😉