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A Sign of Maturity

Last night, Claire & I had a long talk about how a sign of maturity is being able to put your responsibilities ahead of your feelings. We do what needs to be done, because it needs to be done. Doing so with a smile doesn’t mean you enjoy it; it means you’re not willing to give it the power to ruin your day.

I told her that it’s okay to hate the early morning alarms, but it’s not okay to act poorly based on those emotions.

(The photo I posted of yesterday’s First Day of School belies the true mood. *ahem*)

Today’s morning routine was a complete turn-around from yesterday’s debacle. I could tell the amount of energy it took, but she did it, and she did it with a smile.

My baby’s growing up.

Live Long & Prosper, Pardner.

I took Claire to the pediatrician today to have her finger checked out. (It’s just a sprain, no need to splint nor amputate. Heh.) She did NOT want to go. I told her if she was good, we could watch Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark tonight.

Not only was she fantastic, she quoted both Star Trek AND John Wayne to the doctor (He was barely containing himself! Ha!), and then asked if we could sneak out the back exit. He said we could, but she wouldn’t get a sticker that way, and she said, “Really? Cool!”

Yep, we’ve reached the milestone where Pediatrician Stickers are for babies, but doing anything to see Indy is totally cool, and sneaking out the back way is acceptable.

I’m not gonna lie; I got a little misty-eyed.

Robotics Camp

Claire didn’t have fun at all in her Robotics Camp.
It’s too bad she’s so sad about all this.


Hippie Camouflage

Claire’s handy-work in her Art Camp this week! This was just one of her projects in the Fun Fibers Class.

She’s brave enough to stand on a Dragon’s head!

Claire & Momma dressed in their hippie camouflage!

Unexpected Note

Claire got done with her chores for the day and left me a little note in their place.
P.S. 8-and-a-half year olds ROCK.

Claire’s Half-Birthday, 2014

Today is Claire’s Half Birthday! (8.5…WOW!) In honor of that, here she is when she was 6-months old, back in 2006!

The ChompaDesk

Claire stumbled upon a monster in her classroom!
She’s documented her discovery on a whiteboard at home.

99-months Old!


When Claire was little, I’d take a picture of her on the 30th of every month. February nearly put me over the edge.

“Do I take her picture on the 28th? Or the 1st? Do I factor in every leap year into her true age? Oh, screw it. I can’t wait to switch to counting her age in years!” I’d mutter to myself.

As she got older, I stopped counting her age in months. She wanted me to take a picture of her outfit today, and I was reminded that February doesn’t have a 30.

So, just for old time’s sake…

She’s 99 months old today!

(Almost. Silly February…)

Happy 8th Birthday, Claire!!

Click photo collage for more detail.

To read about her Birth Story, click here!

Obligatory First Day of School Photo

2nd Grade, here she comes!