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Unexpected Note

Claire got done with her chores for the day and left me a little note in their place.
P.S. 8-and-a-half year olds ROCK.

Claire’s Half-Birthday, 2014

Today is Claire’s Half Birthday! (8.5…WOW!) In honor of that, here she is when she was 6-months old, back in 2006!

The ChompaDesk

Claire stumbled upon a monster in her classroom!
She’s documented her discovery on a whiteboard at home.

99-months Old!


When Claire was little, I’d take a picture of her on the 30th of every month. February nearly put me over the edge.

“Do I take her picture on the 28th? Or the 1st? Do I factor in every leap year into her true age? Oh, screw it. I can’t wait to switch to counting her age in years!” I’d mutter to myself.

As she got older, I stopped counting her age in months. She wanted me to take a picture of her outfit today, and I was reminded that February doesn’t have a 30.

So, just for old time’s sake…

She’s 99 months old today!

(Almost. Silly February…)

Happy 8th Birthday, Claire!!

Click photo collage for more detail.

To read about her Birth Story, click here!

Obligatory First Day of School Photo

2nd Grade, here she comes!

Where “Off the Deep End” is a good thing


Click photo for more detail.

Claire-isms from a 7.5 year old

I love recording Claire-isms. Here are some of the latest!

Me: “I’m sorry. I’m not a big fan of Miso Soup. To me, it always tastes like feet.”
Claire: “Maybe that’s because it has Toe-Food in it!”

“I was accidentally breathing in whistle position!” says Claire, who was NOT whistling on purpose, just so you know.

“…and then the Art Teacher cut everyone’s duct-tape. I wanted to cut my OWN duct-tape, but you know how it goes. Let one person cut duct-tape and then EVERYONE wants to cut duct-tape. Plus, she has no idea I’m an expert at duct-tape.” ~Claire, 7.5yo, Duct-Tape Expert

The reason they’re called Monkey Bars.

Despite Evidence to the Contrary, They Don’t…

Claire: “What’s that beeping noise?”

Me: “That’s a special tone that lets blind people know when the lights have changed.”

Claire: “I didn’t know they let blind people drive. That explains A LOT.”

Paint like an Egyptian

Yes, Claire had overlapping projects at school!  (Nothing like First Grade getting her ready for College…again.)

She had fun with this project, too!  (I had fun because I may or may not have manipulated her into NOT choosing to build a pyramid out of sugar cubes. *cough* This project really was pretty hands-off for me!)

Her goal was to translate a “short phrase” into hieroglyphics and paint it onto a poster.

I found a Hieroglyphics Translator online (because of course I did).  She sat at my computer putting in the phonetic letters for her chosen phrase. (Because despite the vowels and ‘ph’ in ‘hieroglyphics,’ they supposedly used phonics, rather than lots of vowels and consonant combos. Yes, we believe everything we read online.)

We printed out the translated version and she drew each character onto a small square of paper.

She then used the magic of our deck door to trace her own work onto the paper.

Then she used a sharpie to darken the image, just like they would have done in Ancient Egypt. (Right?)

Paint was applied by the master.

Voila! (Minus the bulletin board. That was our handy-dandy work surface for this particular project.)

“This writing is art by Claire” is the phrase she translated and also the description.

That’s my girl. 😉