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Online Hoops & Legal Mumbo-jumbo

I’m jumping through Claire’s school pre-registration hoops (online), and I love how our Parent Code of Conduct is written; it references the importance of communication, respect, & dignity, and it’s just really well done.

The legal waivers, on the other hand, make me laugh out loud…at everything listed, “known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, past, present, and future…” (Forever and ever, Amen?)



Foot Update of Sorts

24+ hours in the boot, and I haven’t killed anyone!

…mainly because it would be really inconvenient to drag a body and dig a hole with this sucker on.


Slow Down Summer!

I was forced to put the school schedule into my calendar, because I was required to register Claire for things that start the week before school starts and continue past that. I then had a teeny tiny meltdown for fear that summer is almost gone. My husband calmed me down & reminded me that we have OVER a month left, so I started to breathe easier again. Still. Slow down, summer! SLOW DOWN.

He’s lucky he’s cute.

It’s really hard to stay mad at a hedgehog, even if he was being a booger. #LHQR

At least he didn’t need stitches.

So, do you call them Steri-Strips or Butterfly Stitches? Either way, I’m glad I had them in our First Aid Stash. You may be surprised to learn that after 17+ years with the guy, I finally had to use them on him. Luckily, they’re pretty easy to apply. *sigh*

P.S. He’ll be fine. He’d prefer I elude to a knife-fight with some ninjas, but it was really just an altercation with a can.

P.P.S. Despite the fact that I’m NOT a nurse on purpose, my duties have a way of slipping into that category.

That’ll teach him.

Claire & I indulged Daddy and went to Home Depot to look at things with him, without complaining. Now he’s muttering about how going to Home Depot “with the boss” is not as much fun as he’d hoped, and being asked to justify things as “need vs. want” is highly unfair. Heh.

The 4th of July, 2014

From our lake, we could see 3 professional firework shows and 3 illegal firework shows. Seeing them in panorama, all at once, was magical. We used to head out to a professional show, but for the last few years, this is how we’ve done it, and I LOVE it. This way, we don’t have to choose, AND we don’t have to battle traffic and crowds. There is something incredibly appealing about being able to stroll leisurely down the hill when dusk falls, just the three of us, to watch the light shows as the bats zip over our heads and dip over the water.

Robotics Camp

Claire didn’t have fun at all in her Robotics Camp.
It’s too bad she’s so sad about all this.


Finding Your Temper

“Why do people say they ‘lose their temper’?” Claire asked me today. “When I’m angry, I know EXACTLY where my temper is, and it’s loud enough that everyone around me knows where it is, too!” #Truth… Ha.

Math in Real Life

Claire’s Summer Math Workbook has all types of interesting problems, but the money ones make me LAUGH OUT LOUD. The reason? Every single one tells her to use money to work it out first, and then use a pencil and paper. Ha! Right! Sorry, sweetie. Let’s just skip to doing it on paper; Momma’s not made of moolah. (I mean, $340 – $126? In real life? Let me get my purse…) Bah-hahaha!