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Meet Gladys

We had house-guests at The Hotel Rasmussen, and look what they gave us!

Meet Gladys!

She’s gorgeous.

I’ve never had an orchid of my own. I’ve always admired them from afar.

Here’s hoping we can keep her alive. (Knock on wood.) 😉

Raindrops on Roses


I have been taking pictures of the roses outside of Claire’s school for a while now. I put them on my instagram, but this one I’m sharing here, too. Those really are raindrops. For the first time in MONTHS, we got rain today! I was hoping for a full-on rainy day, but by the time pick-up rolled around, I was able to park and walk to get Claire, as usual. This isn’t a bad thing, because I got to see this rose….with raindrops. I love it!

Click photo to enlarge.

Curb Appeal

Click on the photos to see more detail, if you wish.

The three of us worked and worked today, and this is the result. I am SO PLEASED with how it turned out! The funny part was the fact that everywhere I wanted to plant a new big plant, there was an even bigger root from our old pine tree. One root was too big to extricate, so we shifted our plans, and burst into laughter when we discovered yet another root! That one was only about 8-inches in diameter, so we got it out. (We didn’t have all day to devote to root removal, and since we could shift, we did. Unlike what happened that other time.)

When we FINALLY got the root removed (which involved the Sawz-all, a chisel, and a sledgehammer), I kept a straight face and said, “You know what? On second thought, I’d like that plant to go over HERE.” The look on my husband’s face was priceless. I let him in on my joke pretty quickly for fear he’d have a stroke.

So what did we plant this time? (This area has a lot of shade, with only the tip of the peninsula getting any real sun during the day.)

What did we plant where? This. This is the proof.

Yes I did take a photo of this so that we’ll remember. You’d be amazed at how many arguments this tactic has solved!

In the first photo, you’ll see off to the right, the flagstone path. Years ago, we lovingly (and painstakingly — you can read about that here and here.) planted yellow iceplant, wooly thyme, and pink chintz in hopes it would fill in between the stones, and it has!

The joy I feel when I see it is indescribable and worth every pulled muscle to get that stuff planted and tended. I can only hope this fills in that way, too!

I love it.

Edited to add, June 1st, 2014:

“Mom!” Claire screeched when she looked out the window this morning. “The flowers we planted yesterday are happy. They’re REALLY happy!” (Two blooms opened today!)

Unofficial Summer

It’s not summer yet, according to the calendar. That said, Claire got out of school on the 23rd of May.

All A’s All Year – Awards Assembly

The iris is blooming in full force.

…and our street construction crew has a sense of humor (or hasn’t actually looked at the sign).


I weeded* for over two hours yesterday and did so upside down apparently, because I later realized I should have sun-screened a portion of my back UNDER my shirt. Youch!

*weeded involves tugging with my entire body on weeds that are half my size. I was going to take a Before Photo but just opted to to tell you to google “rainforest undergrowth” instead.

The early alarms have been shut off until August, and I LOVE this time of year. Today, I was *this close* to wishing someone a great weekend. (Apparently it’s Wednesday? Who knew.) Unofficial Summer or not, it’s my favorite!


Our cholla is blooming in our backyard! We’ve been WAITING for this. Every year, it is spectacular. This time, I got a bee at work, too!

Click on the photo for more detail.

Cholla in Bloom

Was it really five years ago this month that I learned how to remove cactus spines from a toddler? It was? It was. It’s amazing how time flies.

I’m hoping this summer plods along magically and joyfully.

…and with the cactus spines staying right where they’re supposed to.

Rose Colored Glasses

Claire got new glasses!

Her eyes keep getting better, which is great news!  …almost as good as the news that we can go back to having exams only once a year now!  😉

This time, she chose glasses that just happen to match our roses…



I can’t stop taking pictures of the Iris!

I can’t stop taking pictures of the Iris!  If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know I’ve been posting pictures of the Iris *almost* in bloom.

Well, look what happened today!

Claire and I checked to see if it had bloomed before I took her to school. It hadn’t. I checked on it again half an hour later, and it had! Amazing!!

Here is a link to the brand new Iris, just opened.

There are more buds just ready to burst.

I love May.

Not Our Lilac

Our neighbors have a wonderfully huge lilac in their backyard. We have a knot-hole in our fence.

The Modern-day Equivalent of Stopping to Smell the Roses

"Mom, let's take pictures of the beautiful buds & put them online!"