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Princess Diva Mudpie Maker

Yes, my husband got management approval to tackle another landscaping project. Yes, I plan on posting photos when we’re allllllll done.

In the meantime, here is a photo of our Princess Diva Mudpie Maker.

Note the knee-pads and tiara. It’s best to be properly attired when working outside.

I hope it doesn’t attack some poor seaside village.

We have double-sinks in our master bath. My husband has his, and I have mine. My husband’s is closer to the medicine cabinet where our tooth brushes are, so his actually gets used more than mine, which is over by the door. Back when we were both getting ready at the same time, double-sinks was a life-saver, if not a marriage-saver.

Now, it’s not so critical.

Still, imagine our dismay when his sink appeared to be clogged. Nothing is more annoying than a clogged drain, and one day, he decided to put one of the heavy-duty clog busters down it. He even taped off the sink so that we wouldn’t forget to leave it alone while the chemicals worked their magic.

That night, the clog still held a tight grip on the plumbing.

So, he tried another treatment.

Again, the clog claimed victory.

The weekend came and went. The week did the same. The next weekend proved to be full of other home-improvement projects. (I’ll get to that later this week…) We didn’t have time to address the clogged-sink issue.

By Monday, I’d had enough. Daddy is so busy with other things, that I didn’t have the heart to nag remind him. How hard can it be? I know what needs to happen, and as long as I’m careful, I can fix this clog.

After eight years in the home-improvement trenches, there aren’t many tasks that could scare me away completely.

I knew enough about plumbing that you have to take out the U-joint-thingy. Other parts may have to come apart, too, and as long as you pay attention to where they go when you put them back, you’ll be fine.


I’m prepared.

Claire and I had Ballet that morning, and I told her that when we got back from that, we’d have lunch, and then we’d fix the clog in the sink.

She was all excited. “After lunch, we get to figure out the sink…right, Momma!?”

“Right!” I’m good at faking enthusiasm. In fact, the better you are at pretending, the more enthusiastic you really become.

I got out my dish-gloves and laughed at the fact that they matched my hot-pink strappy sandals. What an awesome coincidence!

I got down on my hands and knees and assessed the situation. I cleaned out the cabinet (okay, truth be told, I just shoved stuff over to make room), and put a bucket under there to catch the water from when I unscrewed the pipe.

See? I know what I’m doing.

I carefully unscrewed the connectors, got the U-joint-thingy out of there and then nearly passed out from the stench.

Stench!? I had NOT anticipated that.

“Momma!? What’s wrong!?” Claire asked, concerned. “Why are you making those noises?”

Somehow I kept it all together. I think the thought of spilling this black goopy slime on the bathroom floor helped me stay focused. The thought of having to clean up barf in addition to that terrible mess gave me added resolve.

“This smells terrible, Claire. I’m trying not to gag.”

For whatever reason, she thought the word gag was the most hilarious word ever, and she kept singing it as she danced around.

“It’s okay, Momma,” she said when her song was finished. “I’ll help you!”

With my little plumber-apprentice right on my heels, I made several trips to the kitchen with the pieces of the sink’s underbelly. Using a bucket from the shed, I cleaned all the parts and didn’t barf once.

I knew in the back of my mind that there was another section of the sink that could be the hiding the Creature of Black Doom, but I was hoping that all the grossness I’d already eradicated was the key.

I got all the pieces put back on.


I turned the water on.

No leaks!

…but no water draining from the sink at all.

All of this torturous activity and clog was still there!?

I summoned every ounce of my energy and went in again, telling myself that I had made progress, just not enough.

Our sinks have really fancy-schmancy stoppers. You can’t just pull up the plug and take them out. You have to unscrew a part in the back, under the sink, to release it from the drain, and all of this is easier to do when you take apart the other pieces. Again.

I figured out how to do that. I took apart the pipes again so that I could get a good view.

I will not describe to you what I removed from that section of pipe. Only Mulder and Scully would be able to determine exactly what it was. I did not let Claire see it. I ran to the toilet before it had a chance to lash out at me, and I flushed it away.

I can only hope it isn’t attacking some poor seaside village as we speak.

I got everything put back together, and the water runs freely now. The clog is gone! Now, does anyone have any Mental Drano®? **No, we don’t use Drano®, because it’s not good for older pipes. Images from that little foray into plumbing are still clogged in my brain, and there are just some things you can’t un-see.

In the meantime, Claire thinks it’s pretty awesome that Momma can take apart (and put back together) a sink. I think the hot-pink gloves and and matching sandals made all the difference.

Flagstone Patio Project Sneak Peek

Normally, I wait until a project is somewhat complete to write about it here on the blog, but I’m bending the rules a little this time.

This weekend, we got started working on our Flagstone Patio Project, and we aren’t done yet. But, I want to share some sneak peek pictures!

Who says divas can't be backyard landscapers?

Who says divas can't be backyard landscapers?

The three of us take a break.

The three of us take a break.

Here’s a little background:

When we bought the house 8 years ago, there was a 3-tiered deck on the back.  We instantly fell in love with it. A couple years ago, when we were going to repair one of the levels, we discovered a flagstone patio underneath. We knew there were flagstones under the deck, because we’d “harvested” them for other projects around the property:

We relocated these flagstones from under one part of the deck.

But, until we’d removed the dilapidated wood in that section of deck, we had no idea the flagstone patio was so extensive and elaborate…it even had a step! Rather than replace the deck with wood, we decided to rip out part of that section and restore the flagstone patio.

We were able to rip out the wood and finish the edge on that level of the deck. It’s taken longer to muster the energy to tackle the flagstone patio project, but this weekend, we decided to give it a go.

Do we know how to do this?


Has that ever stopped us before?

Of course not.

We’ve been doing this for so long that our concept of “easy” home-improvement projects is a tad distorted, and we often bite off much more than we can chew.  But, we both have good appetites and strong teeth.

You won’t be able to see the finished product, because that hasn’t happened yet, but we’ve got a wonderful start.

So, stay tuned for the full story…in the meantime, here are some pictures!

Close-up of the patio.

Close-up of the patio.

Please ignore the sand on the deck.  Please?  Thank you.

View from the top.

You can see the flagstone patio off to the right.  This photo gives you perspective.

You can see the flagstone patio off to the right. This photo gives you perspective of the deck as a whole.

What are the odds?

When we moved into this house almost eight years ago, we purchased two chairs for the table in our kitchen.  My father-in-law had refinished a beautiful walnut table for us, and we wanted nice chairs to go with it.

The chairs we found are wrought iron and wood and look like bistro chairs.  We fell in love with them the moment we saw them.  At that point, we only needed two chairs, so we didn’t buy any extra.  Plus, we have eight chairs at the dining room table, so if we ever need an extra, we could grab one of those.

Fast forward five years, and we add another person to our family.  We don’t need an extra chair for her, yet, because it will be a while before she can even sit in a chair.  Not to mention, we’ll do a high-chair for a while.  Plus, what are the odds that we’d be able to find a chair to match the ones we bought five years ago?  There is no sense in worrying about it yet.

Fast forward another year.  Claire has her own high-chair.  This will last us a while…no need to panic over finding a matching chair.  Not to mention, when we’re done with this chair, we’ll go to a booster seat, and we wouldn’t want to put that on one of the nice chairs anyway.  We have a folding chair that will work perfectly for that purpose.  Plus, what are the odds that the big outlet store would still have that style?  There is no sense in worrying about it yet.

Fast forward another year.  Claire no longer wants to sit in her booster seat, so she’s been using a chair that we’ve pulled from the dining room.  The perfectionist in me is starting to twitch, because not only is there one chair missing from that table, there is now a mismatched set in the kitchen.  But, it’s not the end of the world, so I’m trying really hard to not worry about it.

So, yesterday, we’re out and about, and on a whim, we decided to stop at the furniture store to see what our options are for kitchen chairs.  I’ve resolved myself to the fact that if we can’t find a matching chair, as long as it’s similar, I’ll be okay with it.  I mean, it was almost eight years ago that we bought the first two…what are the odds that they still have them?

My husband suggests that we look at getting two additional chairs so that if we ever need the fourth chair to go with the table, we’ll have at least two that match.  (The table is designed for four people, but it has two leaves on either side.  We flip one leaf down, jut the flat side up against the wall and just use three chairs.)

I think this sounds like a great plan.  I mean, what are the odds of finding the exact chairs this time, let alone if we ever decide we want that fourth chair to go with the table?  He’s right.  It’s best to complete the set now.  In my head, if one chair has a mate, and the other two chairs match each other, I’ll be happy.  And, as long as the two pairs are similar, they don’t have to be exact.

So, we finally find the right section in the huge store, and we cast our gaze across a sea of kitchen and dinette chairs.  The possibilities are endless, but none of them are wrought iron and wood.  We decide not to panic until we’ve looked through the whole section.  We start off in one direction, planning to work our way through the maze.  As we turn the corner, we can’t believe our eyes.

Our chairs!
The exact chairs!

And, they have been discontinued, so they are on clearance!

So, we bought two on the spot.

Click to enlarge.
I’m standing on the fourth one to take the photo…

And they’re a perfect match.  What are the odds?

And they’re a perfect match. What are the odds?

Because this wasn’t really a kitchen project

Over the years, we’ve done a lot of Home Improvement Projects. And, there are a lot of things we want to do to the kitchen, specifically: tile the floors, replace the countertops, figure out the best way to either refinish or replace the cabinets, etc. Although our latest major projects have been bathroom-centric, it’s not like the kitchen has been completely ignored: we’ve already removed the wallpaper, textured the wall, painted, replaced the garbage disposal, replaced the ceiling fan, and installed recessed lighting.

After seven years of projects, we want to take a little break. No kitchen projects allowed! (At least for right now!) 😉

Well, back in June, my hubby submitted a “replace the stove” project proposal through The Management, and approval was granted (i.e. I agreed).  😉 He’d found a killer deal for a really nice, new(er) flat-top stove on Craig’s List, so I told him to go for it. Arrangements were made, and we replaced our vintage 1970s double oven with a 3 or 4 year old flat-top stove. After some elbow-grease to spiff it up a bit, it was ready to install.

Because this wasn’t really a kitchen project, I forgot to take “before” pictures. Luckily, I found some random photos of the kitchen that were taken on Christmas 2007. Please ignore the giant ham on the cutting board and all of the things cluttering the counters.

 Click photos to enlarge.


Old Stove

Yes, that upper monstrosity is a full-on oven. It was actually my favorite feature. You didn’t have to bend over to check on anything, and hot food was kept up and out of the way of those pesky toddlers.

Because this wasn’t really a kitchen project, I didn’t post a recap in a timely fashion. We traveled to the Midwest (twice) and have been enjoying a fun and guest-filled summer, and posting pictures of our new stove just kept getting pushed farther and father down on my To Do List.

So, without further ado, here is our new stove! Eventually, we’ll replace the microwave (on the counter) with a hood/microwave combo that goes above the stove.


New Stove

And, here is our new dishwasher!


Dishwasher - new paint job

Kidding! It’s not new; it’s the same old one! It’s amazing how a coat or two of new appliance paint can totally change the look of a dishwasher, huh??

I am amazed at our new stove. Correction: I’m amazed at how horrible our old stove really was. When you turn this stove on, it fires up instantaneously. Stoves are supposed to do that? All of these burners cook evenly. Where’s the fun in that?

It’s all fancy with its working properly and keeping the correct temperature. Gone are the days of realizing that a burner isn’t really on, or the temperature in one of the ovens has varied so wildly that you have no idea how much longer something needs to bake. In fact, we don’t even need our little separate temperature gauge. I think we’ll keep it in there, just for old time’s sake.

In fact, cooking around here has become rather mundane. 😉 We’re so spoiled now!

And, my hubby was right…we should have done this non-kitchen project much sooner. Now, if I can just keep him from eyeing all of the floor-tile options… 😉

And now we’ve turned into shriveled prunes

So, it’s been hot here. And, I’ve often heard that if you can’t beat it, you should join it…so we decided to embrace the heat and get Claire a little backyard pool.

Who would have thought that finding a pool would be such a difficult task? Well, apparently, everyone else bought all the pools a month or so ago. It was slim pickins at the stores we went to, but we succeeded! The very last store we went to had the best one to suit our needs: cheap yet good quality, and easy to transport.

Both my hubby and I had envisioned getting one of those old-school hard plastic kiddie pools. Do they not make those anymore? I mean, it was in the late 1900s the last time I played in one… Or, were they all snatched up at the beginning of the season? We’ll never know. I was concerned about how to transport one of those home, but as it turned out, I didn’t have to worry about that, because they were nowhere to be found. We did find a pool that folds up flat, has an inflatable ring around the top, and opens to a good size. Perfect!

Once we had it out of its super-convenient carrying case (seriously…this thing folds in on itself, down to a circle that is about a foot in diameter! It comes in a handy little carrying case, but I can foresee that putting it away at the end of the season will be interesting…), Claire and I decided to scout for the perfect location.

We knew we wanted it on one of the levels of the deck.

Click photos to enlarge.
Clicking a second time will show more detail.

Scouting out a location

Should we put it in the sun so that the water will warm quickly and stay the right temperature? Or, will it being in the sun cause the occupants to burst into flame, thus melting the pool and/or causing too much steam? 😉


Scouting out a location

Or, should we put it in a spot on the deck that is shaded in the morning and late afternoon and evening, with only a few hours of direct sunlight to heat the cold water? And, will fishing out all the tree debris make me too crazy to enjoy the pool?

We decided that the water will heat just fine in that location, and that being in the shade was more important than a couple Linden leaves that may or may not end up in the water. Plus, we’ll cover it when we’re not in it, so it will be fine.

So, the next step was to get the tarp out of my hubby’s shed to use as a protective liner under the pool. Piece of cake! No problem! Where’s the tarp? I’ll go get it.


Go get the tarp

“It’s on the south wall, by the saw,” he said.

“Awesome,” I said. “I’ll be right back.”

“Be careful…I saw a spider on it the other day,” he said, knowing of my thoughts of those creepy crawlies and how much trouble he’d be in if he didn’t warn me.

“Um, okay…” I said, pretending not to care. “I’ll look it over before I grab it.”

Okay…now, go look at that photo again. Do you see something unusual?

In my attempt to see if there was a spider hiding on the tarp, I slowly lifted the plastic bag and then saw this.


Unexpected guests

Needless to say, I’m not sure who was more startled: Me or the 43 wasps I rudely interrupted. I ran so fast back to the house that I’m not even sure if my feet touched the ground. Seriously.

I flew through the glass sliding door and slammed it behind me. I stood in the kitchen clutching my chest. I thought my heart was going to beat right out of my ribcage.  Whooooo, that was not what I expected!!

Luckily, I’d had Claire stay in the kitchen. The last thing she needed to witness was Momma screaming at the big spider that used to frequent the tarp. 😉 Plus, wasps like my hubby’s shed, and every time we open the door, some of them fly out…but my discovery had solved the mystery as to where their secret home was. (My hubby had found some obvious cones and taken care of those earlier in the season…)

So, after taking photos (obviously…I have my priorities!) and neutralizing the threat (via spray…I hate the chemicals, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do…Momma, er, I mean, Claire needs a pool!), our weekend project was back on track.

Like I said, we chose a nice spot on the upper deck.


This spot will do

What you don’t see in this picture is the fact that the water is hovering right above the freezing point, and Claire is refusing to leave the pool. She has apparently lost all feeling in her lower appendages, but doesn’t care.

Being taken to the ER for hyperthermia at the end of July would be rather embarrassing, so we extricated her from the pool. We had to use force. It wasn’t pretty. The neighbors heard the screaming and mournful cries. I realize it was cruel and unusual punishment to set up such a cool (quite literally, I’m afraid) toy and then not let anyone play in it properly RIGHT NOW.


Covered and heating up

So, we covered it with an old fitted sheet to keep the tree goobers out. And, the blazing afternoon sun worked its magic.


Shaded again

By the time Claire was done with her afternoon nap, the pool was shaded again, and we were ready!!


Enjoying the pool

Aaaaahhhhh. Now, that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

The water in the pool was still a bit chilly, but it was the perfect temperature for a nice dip. After we got our legs acclimated to the temperature, both Claire and I decided to take the plunge. On the count of three, we both sat in the pool. I knew that once we got over the initial shock, it would be awesome…and it was!

Who am I kidding? Little Miss The Water Was Just Fine This Morning You Big Wussy didn’t even bat an eyelash…Momma was the one who needed a moment to compose herself.

But, it only took a moment…because, after all the complaining I’ve done about the heat, this has proven to be our favorite place to be! 🙂

Always thinking ahead…

“I can’t believe I cut my toe on the oven door,” I said, wincing as I looked at my pinky toe.

“I know.  That sucks!” he said.  “I’m still not sure how you did that.”

“It doesn’t matter.  I mean, over all, I can’t believe how smoothly it went getting that monster to the curb!” I said, the double oven safely lying on its back, waiting for the trash company to get it tomorrow.

“That dolly really helped…I don’t know how we would have done it without that,” he said.

“No kidding!  And, I’m surprised you didn’t crush me with the stove.  That would have been your perfect out.  It could have *fallen* on me.  It would have totally looked like an accident,” I said, joking.

“Eh…it wouldn’t have worked.  It probably wouldn’t have killed you…just would have messed you up, and then I’d have to take care of you,” he said, with a laugh.

“True,” I said.  “Plus, then you’d have to build a ramp, and the last thing you need is another project.”

Good Ol’ Murphy

This weekend’s “Remove the old stove and install the new stove” project had turned into “Cut three holes in the drywall to aid and assist in the installation and wiring of a new outlet for the hood/microwave combo we don’t have yet because there is a nice, handy open space where the old stove used to be, and rewire the under-cabinet lights while we’re at it” project.

The vintage 70s model double oven is sitting outside by the deck, waiting for us to lug it to the curb on trash day, and the new “I can’t believe we got this so cheap off of Craig’s List, and I love it when people remodel their kitchens and we can take advantage of their ‘old’ things” stove is sitting in the garage. (I mean, compared to the stove that came original with the house, an oven from 2004 is hardly “old!”) I’ll miss the upper oven of the old stove, because it was up where a microwave/hood is on modern appliances. That made it out of the way of little people and at eye-level (no bending required). But, I won’t miss the “I don’t really know what temperature it’s going to be today” feature.

The removal of the old oven went smoother than anticipated. Cleaning out the 30+ years of gunk behind the stove wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be. But, we hadn’t accounted for the extra little projects to do before installing the new one.

Somehow I’m supposed to believe that this “little project” doesn’t count as a “kitchen project.” My hubby had promised that we’d take a break and not work on the kitchen. Yet. Uh huh. For some reason, I have a feeling I’ll be lucky if he doesn’t re-tile the floor when I’m not looking. 🙂

“I really hope these lights work once we get them all reconnected,” I said, as I was holding them up while my hubby fiddled with the wires under the cabinet.

“I know what I’m doing. I did these last time. This rewire job should be easy,” my hubby said, intently working on the wires.

“Oh, I’m not doubting your abilities. You do awesome work…it’s just that Murphy stopped by earlier and left some paperwork for you,” I joked.

“Oh, that…” my hubby said with a smile. “Those papers were probably just recap-reports of what happened yesterday.”

“Ha! I wish you’d stop asking him to help with these projects.”

“I don’t ask him. He just shows up.”


Master Bathroom Remodeling Project – Final Phase is Complete!

A few months ago, we finished remodeling the master bathroom. (Actually, I just looked, and it was in October that we finished! It really seems like “just a few months,” and I’m not sure where the first part of the year went!? Does anyone remember what happened to February!? You can read about The Master Bathroom Remodeling Project: Phase One project here.) Anyway, we were purposely waiting to start The Final Phase (Phase Two) of the project: the refinishing of the master bathroom cabinet and replacement of the counter/double sinks.

When we were done with Phase One, we placed the order for the counter/double sinks and after weeks of waiting, it arrived. My hubby has been leisurely refinishing the cabinet. He stripped it all down, sanded it, varnished it and then put on the protective coat. It looks gorgeous. He does great work.

To do this project, we removed the old counter and sinks. We’ve been using the main bathroom down the hall for all our sink-required needs. (This is the bathroom we remodeled first. You can read all about that here.) It’s been a hassle, but not the end of the world. That said, I can’t wait to get everything moved back in here!

This weekend, the project was officially completed. Yesterday morning, I razor-bladed the mirror to clean up the random paint droplets here and there (my hubby repainted the white wall and did a great job of not getting it where he wasn’t supposed to, but mirrors this large attract tiny droplets of paint). And, I decided to take pictures of the finished project.

I didn’t want to wait until Claire’s naptime to do this, so how did I take pictures without her helping me too much? 😉

She said, “Take a picture of Puppy, and then I’ll let you take your other pictures!”

Click on photos to enlarge.
Clicking a second time will show more detail.

Refinished Cabinet

So, I did, and she held up her end of the bargain! She let me take the following pictures in peace!

Refinished Cabinet

My hubby used a red oak stain with brushed stainless pulls and hinges. I love it!


Refinished Cabinet

The countertop/double-sink combo is a Swanstone. It’s a bone color, which is the same color and style we used in the Main Bathroom.

Refinished Cabinet

The master craftsman even painted the entire interior white.

Refinished Cabinet

We replaced the two hideous light fixtures with these, shown above. The brushed finish matches the towel bars, pulls and new faucets.


Refinished Cabinet

We ended up going with a lower wattage/energy efficient bulb, because with six of the original bulbs, we could do surgery on our countertop. 😉

So, there it is…we’re officially done with all phases of the project! Now, I wonder how long it will take me to remember that all my things are in this bathroom. I can see it now…I’ll be standing in the Main Bathroom wondering who took all my toiletries. 🙂

The Sandbox Project

Yesterday, I posted some pictures of our little backyard project helper. Well, today, I’ll give a recap of the project we completed this holiday weekend!

As my hubby and I were cleaning up some things in the backyard on Saturday, we started to brainstorm about what to do about an area by our deck that is not currently being used to its fullest potential, if at all.

Click photos to enlarge.
Clicking a second time will show more detail.

Sandbox Project

You see, we have a three level deck on the back of the house. A few years ago, we removed a portion of it that was literally built around the Linden tree (the original owners had literally cut a circle in the deck around the tree). 1) The tree was suffocating because of the deck, and 2) because of the tree, that portion of the deck was in great need of repair, and 3) because the tree had grown so much since the deck was built, it was hard to use that portion of the deck anyway. Imagine our surprise when we discovered a two-level flagstone patio under that part! So, we removed the trouble-maker portion of the deck.

It was the right choice. My hubby repaired/rebuilt the remaining portion of the deck and now we have a three-level deck and a two-level flagstone patio. (Refinishing that patio may be a project we’re going to tackle this summer…we’ll see.)

Anyway, in making this change, there is a corner that is not being used. (In this photo, you can see that Claire is still wearing Momma’s glove…) 🙂

Sandbox Project

“What do you think we should do with this corner?” my hubby asked.

“You know…I was thinking about that. What about a sandbox?” I asked. “I think it’s about the right size for one of those, and Claire loves digging. This way, she’ll stop digging where you don’t want her digging, and this corner will serve a purpose. What do you think?”

“That’s a great idea!” he said.

That’s when I nearly fell over. I hadn’t realized that the planets were aligned properly. What else could I suggest that would meet such instant approval? Just kidding. We (eventually) agree on most things, but we’re known for our lively banter. 😉

So, we found the sandbox we wanted online and went to Toys R Us that night to pick it up.

Sunday, we spent the day readying the area for the 200 lb. sandbox. Actually, the sandbox weighs hardly anything, but it holds 200 lbs. of sand. (Daddy used the wheelbarrow to transport the bags of sand from the car to the backyard, and that was the project Claire was helping him with in those pictures I posted yesterday.)

Sandbox Project

Momma and Claire goofed off while Daddy did all the work. Kidding! You can’t have a project without a self-portrait. 😉

Sandbox Project

Daddy built a retaining wall. Momma helped dig the trenches for the support beams. Getting it level was challenging, but we did it!

Sandbox Project

We filled it with old concrete pieces that we’ve been collecting from the property over the years.

Sandbox Project

Daddy broke up those pieces with a sledgehammer…and then we backfilled it with dirt. A lot of dirt. The above picture is just the first of many layers of dirt. We had fun stamping it down and repeating the process all afternoon. Where do we get the dirt? Well, we have a gajillion tons of landscaping rocks in the back yard, and my hubby has been digging them up and sifting them. He then puts down new weed fabric and puts back the rocks or replaces them with woodchips, depending on the landscaping layout we’ve been working on. This sandy dirt mixture is what is left when he sorts the rocks. (He has a whole process, and he built a fancy sorting apparatus that he uses with the wheelbarrow.)

Sandbox Project

Once we had enough dirt, we put the sandbox in place.

Sandbox Project

Here it is with its lid shut. The lid will help keep out water and critters. Daddy will be installing hooks to the side of the deck and the retaining piece to use with a bungee cord so that it won’t blow off in the middle of one of our famous wind-storms. (You will see the black edging piece in the photo above. We opted to do something different there, so we didn’t install that piece. Not that it matters. I just wanted to clarify.)

Sandbox Project

Here is the top view from the top.

Sandbox Project

And, The Sandbox Project is complete! All three of us played in it for two hours on Sunday afternoon, and we had so much fun! I can’t remember the last time I played in the sand, and I’d forgotten just how much fun it really is. So, if you can’t reach us one of these days…check out back. Odds are, that’s where we’ll be. 😉