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Concert & a Field Trip

The last week and a half of school is always jam-packed with fun things! Last night, Claire had her Spring Choral Concert.

Spring Choral Concert 2015

Today, I was able to go with her on a Field Trip to Buffalo Bill’s Grave. This year, the parents were allowed to ride the school bus, too!

Peeking back on the bus Closeup

Click the above photos for more detail.

I said, “Hey, Claire!” and then snapped this shot. I’ve blurred out the anonymous in the crowd.

Tomorrow will be even more parties and events, with more of the same next week. The end is in sight!

Duran Duran!

I love love Duran Duran.

But, it’s time time for a confession confession.

I wasn’t really into them when they originally came on the scene. I think it was purely logistical. I was basically my daughter’s age now…and she likes bands, but they won’t speak to her until she’s in a more formative state. And, that’s okay. I was in elementary school when they started touring (or so I’ve discovered by doing the math in my head), so I didn’t follow their music careers or have a crush on any of the band members.

I didn’t really appreciate them until college and beyond.

Imagine my insane delight to be invited to their show! My friend Julie had an extra free ticket, and she asked me if I’d like to go.

Yes, yes! Please, please!

(Please, please tell me now!)

A couple other friends were going too, so we met for dinner and then rode to the venue together. It was being held at the Broomfield Event Center (or whatever it’s called now), and we parked in the super-secret local lot across the pedestrian bridge.

The following is an impromptu shot of Denise, Julie and me, taken by Gretchen. We all realized she wasn’t walking with us anymore, and we turned to see what she was up to.

LOVE this shot!

Our seats were INCREDIBLE. They were so close, I felt like I could reach out and touch them.

Another friend, Aimee, took an AMAZING set of photos. (See them here.) Watching her take the pictures was so exciting. She had the best seats in the house, for sure.

This concert was a great mix of old, new, fast, slow. I was on my feet dancing and singing the entire time. It really was a fantastic show.

My Very First Red Rocks Concert: Sarah McLachlan with the Colorado Symphony

I can scratch it off the list. I’ve finally gone to my very first Red Rocks Concert! We’ve been in Colorado since 1999, so I’ve *been* to Red Rocks. We’ve taken guests hiking there and to see the venue and the views from there when it hasn’t been filled with concert goers.

I’ve always wanted to go to a concert there. My husband has gone a few times, but they were never artists that I particularly enjoyed…so I couldn’t justify the cost of childcare and a ticket just to “go to a Red Rocks Concert.”

Now, I’m going to tell you a little story about a blog reader. Way back when we were doing the flagstone patio, I’d tweeted with a local about this project and she popped over and commented here on the site. She then became part of the Mile High Mamas crew, and we became friends on Facebook and other online realms.

Fast forward a couple years…

She posted on her Facebook wall a while ago that Sarah McLachlan was going to be playing Red Rocks this year with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. She made the offhanded comment that she’d like to go if someone wanted to go too. I jumped at the chance.

Little did my friend know that Sarah McLachlan is one of my all-time favorite musicians. I not only have all of her CDs (except the most recent…that’s still on my To Do List), I have them all memorized. I can sign along with them, and technically they’re part of me, interwoven into my psyche. Sometimes, at random times, they pop into my head. Back in 1994, I used part of “Possession” in my “signature” in cyberspace, at that time a relatively new frontier.

Those were the days…

Anyway, one thing led to another, and I went to the concert on Sunday with my friend and her husband.  We had General Admission tickets and got there early.  We got rock-star parking and were first in line to get led up the side of the mountain.  (Seriously!  You have to work to see a concert there.  Good thing I’m in relatively good shape, or I’d still be huffing and puffing up the side!)  Our seats were incredible.  I’m not sure there’s a bad seat in the house.  We opted to go one row up from where General Admission started, and you can see the stage, AND the view of Denver and practically the entire Front Range is breathtaking.

Here are some photos that do not do the concert or venue justice at all, but they make me smile.

Hello, Denver! We can see you from Red Rocks.

The smile on Sarah's face matches the smile in my heart as she was singing.

We had SUCH great seats. Then again, they're all great seats!

It rained on us a few times, but even the moon came out to see Sarah!

She ended one of her sets with Possession. The night was perfection for me.

It was the most incredible show I’ve ever been to. Maybe all Red Rocks Concerts are? The music surrounds you. It plays through you. It all happens in a way that is overwhelming and magical and I couldn’t think of a better pairing than Sarah McLachlan with the Colorado Symphony.

I had tears in my eyes. My soul was filled. I was alone in the dark in my college dorm with Sarah in my head all over again…

…only better.

Hallaline a chanchaline

“Momma, sing me this song,” Claire says.

She often asks me to sing songs for her, and I try my best. Sometimes, I’m really good at it…and other times, not so much.

“Which one, sweetie?” I ask, wondering what it will be this time. Beyonce? Oasis? Man in a Box? Lump? What. Anything is possible.

“Hallaline a chanchaline,” she says.

“Halla what?” I ask.

This isn’t the first time she’s requested this song.  The other day, she asked me to sing this song, and I couldn’t figure it out.  When we’re not trapped in the car, I can pull them up on my iTunes or Youtube if I don’t know how they go.  As this wasn’t an option at the moment, I was able to distract her by singing a different song.  She forgot all about her original song request, and so I had I…until now.

“Hallaline a chanchaline,” she says again. “You know, the one on Rock Band.”

That doesn’t really narrow it down.  We have a lot of songs on Rock Band.

“Say it again,” I coax her.  She’s usually really good at pronouncing words, and there are very few times when I don’t understand her.

“HALLALINE A CHANCHALINE,” she says, exasperated. “It goes, ‘Hallaline a chanchaline. Hallaline a chancheline. Wouldya like time. Wouldya like time.’ Ya know? Come on, Momma. SING IT.”

Uhh…  “Hallaline a chanchaline” I sing, matching her tune.

“No, sing ALL of it,” she says.  My trick hadn’t worked.

The tune and the words are distorted as they travel from her four-year old brain out her mouth, but she sings it the same way every time. Now, she’s signing it over and over, the exact same way every time, hoping that I’ll finally understand it.

I don’t.

Soon she finds that singing it louder doesn’t help me figure it out any quicker.

“Okay, you said it’s on Rock Band. Which one? The first one or the second one?” I ask. Maybe she’ll give me a clue.


“Okay, calm down. We’ll figure it out. Just give me a second,” I say as I’m wracking my brain. I love puzzles. I’m good at puzzles. Most normal, sane people would be amazed at some of the things I figure out, even on the smallest of clues.

Normally, I can Name That Tune in two notes, Jim, or knock Twisted Lyrics for 1,000 out of the park, Alex.
But not this time.

Hallaline a chanchaline? Wouldya like time? The second part (that she’s now shouting) sounds vaguely familiar.

“Rock Band 2?” I say, stalling.

“YES,” she says. “HALLALINE A CHANCHALINE!  ON ROCK BAND TWO!  It’s the one where the cars are racing, and then they crash! And he’s bald! The guy singer. He’s a man! He’s singing! And he’s bald! And the drummer guy is drumming! And they crash! But they keep singing! And they go whhhhhoaaaa, and they fly! And they keep singing!” She’s showing all the animation for this, of course.

She’s describing the opening song/animation of Rock Band 2, so I know we’re on the right track.

“Okay, so it’s on Rock Band 2,” I say. “Is it the song they sing during that opening or is it on into the game?”

“HALLALINE A CHANCHALINE!” she sings again. “They play it! Hallaline a chanchaline. Wouldya like time. Wouldya like time.

Luckily, we’re at home, close to youtube. I could go downstairs and get Rock Band all set up to see exactly what the opening song is, but I’m sure I can find it online.  I can picture the opening in my mind, but the song totally escapes me, what with all the Hallaline a chanchaline being shouted at me.

Sure enough, we find it, and she’s thrilled!

“THAT’S IT!” she screams as Cheap Trick‘s, Hello There starts playing. “HALLALINE A CHANCHALINE!”

Want the translation? Hallaline a chanchaline is “Hello there ladies and gentlemen,” and Wouldya like time actually sounds exactly like that to me, but is technically, “Would you like to.” (As in “Would you like to do do a number with me? Would you like to do a number with me? Would you like to? Would you like to?”)

So, the mystery is solved. We listened to the song a few times, and then I shut youtube and started to go about my day.

“Sing me a song,” she says.

“Okay, sweetie. What would you like me to sing?”  How about Lump, I think to myself.  I love singing that song, and I know the tune and all the words by heart.

“Hallaline a chanchaline!” she says with a smile.

CD Review: Rockin’, Rollin’, and Ridin’ with Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck

COVER ART ROCKIN' ROLLIN' AND RIDIN'  high resRebecca Frezza & Big Truck has a new CD being released on November 10th. (Big Truck Music, $8.99, run time 23 minutes, for ages 4 to 8) called Rockin’, Rollin’, and Ridin’. Claire and I had the opportunity to check it out!

It is upbeat and has catchy tunes and lyrics. Do you know Gordon (Roscoe Orman) from Sesame Street? Even HE’s on it! He helps sing one of the songs called, “Hey-O.” It’s one of those songs where Rebecca sings and then has you repeat after her. This is one of Claire’s favorite songs on the CD! It’s interactive, which I like.

I do have to tell you, though…this CD comes with side-effects. Its songs will work their way into your head. One morning, I was shocked to have Rocketship stuck in my head while I was getting ready. “Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Rocketship, Rocketship to the Moon! Flyyyy!”


Admittedly, there are worse things to get stuck in your head.

So, if you like up-beat songs with fun lyrics, you should check out this CD when it comes out on November 10th. Claire isn’t quite 4-years old yet, but she loves it!

And then I dare you not to sing Rocketship while brushing your teeth in the morning.

The Casual Perfectionist received a free copy of the CD in exchange for an honest review. Photo provided by Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck.  This review also appears on Mile High Mamas.

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I don’t normally post on the weekends, but I wanted to get the word out about this review!

Claire and I just completed a review of the new CD by Recess Monkey, named Field Trip.  And, it’s going to be released to the public on Tuesday, June 9th!!

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No, I haven’t listened to my cassette tapes in years.

At the beginning of February, one of my favorite bloggers ran a little contest.  Those who commented were put in a drawing to win an iPod shuffle™.

Well, imagine my surprise when I found out that I won!!

I know some may find this hard to believe, but previous to this, I didn’t have a portable mp3 player.  Between the two of us, my hubby and I have thousands of songs that he painstakingly converted from our CDs to mp3s.  He has our computer iTunes™ set up so that our music will play on the stereo system out in the living room.  And, as hard as it is to believe that music lovers such as ourselves could go without, my hubby and I never jumped on the iPod bandwagon.  We would have loved to have one, but it was always in the Want Column, and never in the Need one.

Last year, my hubby won an iPod Touch™ at a conference, and he was thrilled.  And, now, with this stroke of good luck, I’m the proud owner of my very own iPod, too!

My iPod arrived on Friday!

My iPod arrived on Friday!

Click to enlarge.

And, imagine my surprise when I saw that Nicole had it engraved!  What an awesome idea!  How cool is that?!

I could pick whatever color I wanted, and yes, I chose hot pink.  It’s sassy, and I love it.  Plus, this way, my hubby won’t be tempted to steal it.  I hadn’t figured in how much Claire would love the color when I made my choice, so I’ll still have to keep an eye on it!

So, Nicole…thank you so much!  Now, I have no excuse to not fully join this century when it comes to listening to my tunes!  This totally made my day, and I can’t wait to fill it up with all my favorite songs.

At least she’s not singing about the plague**

As you know, Claire makes up words to songs.  She even makes up new songs with her own tune and will sing those for me throughout the day.

The other day, after swimming lessons, she was singing something that sounded like Ring Around The Rosie, but I heard something about pockets and chocolate, and I just couldn’t figure it out.

I asked her to sing it again for me, and she would, but something wasn’t quite right.  I knew the swimming teacher was having the girls play a game that looked like Ring Around The Rosie, so I just thought Claire was getting the words mixed up.

At the next class, I tried to listen, and sure enough, they were saying something about pockets and chocolate, and I couldn’t catch all of it.

I couldn’t let another day go by without finding out the words to this version, so when they were finished with the class, I went up to the teacher.  I asked her about the song they’d been singing that sounds like Ring Around The Rosie, but wasn’t.

She sang it for me:

Ring around the rocket
A pocket full of chocolate
Astronaut!  Astronaut!
We all blast off!

Mystery solved!

So, as it turns out, Claire wasn’t making up things!  They really were singing about pockets and chocolate!

And, I’m glad I asked…or I would have never figured it out!

**Okay, according to Snopes, Ring Around The Rosie really isn’t about the plague!  But, I’m not the only one who thinks it is, so I’m not changing the title of this post. 😉

Life’s about a dream

“Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the street.
Merrily, merrily, merrily
Life’s about a dream.”

~As sung by Claire, age 3

Hopefully we won’t have to row our boat down the street anytime soon.  And, there is something so pleasant about the thought that life is about a dream.  😉