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Frigid Beauty

As we were driving to school today, we marveled at the steam rising from the lake. It does this nearly every morning when the air is crisp.

Then, Claire gasped. She commented on how pretty the icicles on the gazebo at the lake looked. It was then that I knew I had to get some photos, so on my way home, I stopped and hopped out of the car.

Correction: I carefully slid out of my vehicle, quite literally, as the roads are still a sheet of ice. (This is Colorado, so they’ll be thawed in a couple of hours.)

01.22.14 1

I walked around the lake, taking photos, trying to capture in pixels the magic of it all. (I remember a time when I’d say “on film,” but that’s just not the case anymore when you use a magical handheld device.)

The air-temp was 10-degrees Fahrenheit, so the geese acted like they were in a hot-tub! (…and looked like it, too!)

01.22.14 2

It’s no secret that Winter is not my favorite season. I love that it kills the creepy-crawlies, and frankly, that’s about it.

That said, we can either spend our time wallowing in the fact that this isn’t the beach or revel in the fact that life is pretty awesome despite the cold.

01.22.14 3

When we seek beauty, we find it.

Fiery clouds at the lake. Snow on the bridge.

Picture Day. First Grade.

Claire. Almost 7.



Not Our Lilac

Our neighbors have a wonderfully huge lilac in their backyard. We have a knot-hole in our fence.

Shadow Swinging & a Canopy of Blossoms

We had so much fun taking photos today on our Letterboxing Adventure! I love this time of year!


I love this photo. Right now, it’s the “cover photo” of my personal Facebook page (I change that often, but this one spoke to me, so I put it up last week, and as of the time of this post, it’s still there…). It’s also the background on my phone.

We took this photo in Hawaii, on the island of Maui. We’d stopped to explore the Black Sand Beach (yes, there is one on Maui!) while exploring the road to Hana.

It’s at a park called Wai’anapanapa.

Just saying it is fun.

Side Note: This weekend, Claire was looking through a calendar we got from a conservation organization. March’s picture is a beautiful shot of this very Black Sand Beach! I showed Claire the photos WE took of that beach, and when she saw they were the same, she was in awe! “Look! I see those three palm trees, right there!” Fantastic!


This was a trail we would have never found if it weren’t for letterboxing. We were thrilled to discover that there was a letterbox hidden at this very park, and the clues seemed easy enough. Needless to say, the start to this particular letterboxing adventure was just as rocky as the shoreline.  We could not find this trail. We did not understand what some of the clues meant.  None of it was making any sense. We traipsed off in the totally wrong direction, all the while pretending we were on the right track.  We tried to force meaning out of the things around us.  “Surely this is what they meant!?  Maybe they meant that!?”  No.  When you’re right, the answers to the clues slip into place.  Usually.

We knew the rules, but decided to blatantly disregard them.

Although completely frustrated but not wanting to give up completely, we decided to stop for lunch and try again.

After a bite to eat at the park, we decided to try one more time. This time, everything fell into place.  (We also agreed on how WE would have written the starting point of the clue, but that’s neither here nor there.  Details, details.)  With this renewed energy, we found it!  It’s one of the coolest trails we’ve ever explored.

The picture doesn’t show how dark and mysterious this all was; the camera has lightened it up quite a bit. The canopy was so low that my husband had to crouch while under some of it.  It was so thick, you could barely see the bright blue sky through it.

We’d stumbled into another world.

Steps worn by other adventurers and the passage of time.
Such a great reward for not giving up, for going back to the beginning and trying again.

This photo inspires me in so many ways.

An Unexpected Surprise in the Reflection of her Eyes

I like to change the photo on the background of my phone. I do it a lot. I play with favorite pictures and put artistic scenes on there, or I choose pretty views that make me smile. Hawaii and Cozumel are go-to favorites right now, with Santa Fe and San Francisco not far behind.

Last night, I was looking through my pictures and found one I took of Claire in Cozumel, which is one of my favorites:

I love the color of her eyes in this photo, so I decided to play around with it and see if I could make it into an interesting background photo on my phone.  I zoomed in, and I was shocked to discover something that I’d previously missed!

Not only had I captured her beautiful smile, freckles, and sun-kissed locks, I’d inadvertently captured the view of the ocean and coastal buildings in her eyes.

Eye Sea The View!


I see the view, and I love it!

Colorful Colorado Sunset

It was like magic.  We’d just finished a class at the gym.  Claire took one look out the door and said, “Mom. You NEED to get a picture of this!”

Everyone got out their phones, and one person even had a “real” camera.  We stood still, whispering, mesmerized, trying to capture the vibrancy of the colors with the click of a button.

The above photo hasn’t been altered in any way.
It was even more magnificent in person.

It’s nights like this when there’s no doubt we live in Colorful Colorado.

Embracing the Snow

When given a choice between frolicking on the beach or lobbing snowballs at each other, which do you think I’d choose?  The beach.  Hands down.

But, when Reality presents you with the option to totally enjoy the moment, I’m quick to choose that, too.

Plus, there isn’t a beach in sight, and we’ll get our chance to frolic in less than a month.

The weather people have been predicting a Snowmaggedon of sorts for us today.  Yes, it was 80 degrees on Monday!  But, this is Colorado, the epitome of the Wild West.  Who knew they were referring to the weather when they said that?

Sure enough, it snowed.  It snowed enough that everyone got all flustered, but my new car was made for this weather, and we didn’t slip or slide once.  The trickiest part about this storm was the fact that the Fall Colors have yet to actually FALL, so the wet snow has wreaked havoc on the large, mature, leaf-laden trees.  On my route to school, I noticed some downed limbs.  Oddly enough, on my way back home along the same route, I saw MORE downed limbs!  I’m just glad they waited for me to pass before crashing to earth.

So, what’s a beach lover to do when faced with snow?  Embrace it.  Play in it.  Take cool pictures of it as the light played with it on the trees.

Yay! Snow!

Hard at play

I played outside with Claire for a while. Then, Daddy took a turn. They built a snow ET!

Crisp and Clean

Copper and Snow Lines

Of course, the fact that it will be near 60-degrees by the weekend makes it pretty easy to enjoy now.

The Root of the Problem

A week or so ago, we were working on the path on the east side of our house.  This was a path we built last summer and are just now getting the final touches put on before putting the gravel down.

My husband was leveling off an area when his shovel hit something.  Because of all the rain we’ve had, we weren’t surprised to see the tippy top of a root.  Thinking we’d just shave it off, he got to work.  Then, upon further investigation, we realized it was a bigger problem than that.  If left to regrow, we’d be right back where we started, only it would be harder to fix the path.

So, we decided to remove the root entirely.  I mean, how big could it be?  Almost two hours later…

Click photo to enlarge...if you dare.

The fact that he put on his best redneck mechanic voice and said, “Well, THAT’s yer problem!” made it all worthwhile.