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The Great Social Media Unplug of 2018

I’m in the midst of a much-needed break from all things Social Media. I’ve not been on Facebook since school got out for Summer Break. Twitter and Instagram were the next to go in the Great Social Media Unplug of 2018, as my posts & pictures dwindled right around the time summer officially graced us with its presence.

For as much as I loved those platforms back in the day, I feel a sense of calmness (along with an odd mix of giddiness and joy) in my decision to abandon them for the time-being. I’ve not closed any of my accounts, and I’ve not deleted any content yet. I have made some of them “private.” I’ve not decided what my future holds in the realm of Social Media, but I do know that this break has been an amazing thing in the grand scheme of things.

Behold the power of unplugging to reconnect.

One Last Shot

Click photo for more detail

I was taking photos of a beautiful bird at the lake. It flew away before I got one last shot. Or so I thought… 😍

Groundhog Day 2018

The threat of “6 more weeks of winter” has never made sense in a place like Colorado.

The Yoda Approach to the New Year

Happy New Year, 2018!!

I’ve always taken the Yoda approach to “New Year Resolutions,” in that I don’t make them. I either do something, or I don’t. (“Do or do not; there is no try.”) I don’t make a list of ways to improve, and I certainly don’t just think about it on the 1st of the calendar year.

I love my life. I’m content, and despite what the salespeople of the world are telling you, that is great! That is okay! THAT IS ENOUGH. Contentment doesn’t equate to laziness. (I have a To Do List, not a To Be List, and there’s a major difference!)

I have all I need, right here.
I am all I need, right here.
I am enough. I have enough.

I’m thankful every day for the life we’ve built. It took hard work, planning, and premeditation to get here, and I plan on being happy every day. THAT is the “happily ever after” we’re seeking. It DOES exist. (The key is that “happily” is an adverb, the WAY to live, not that everything is perfect. It means you can live happily every single day, and I truly believe that. I’ve done it, so I know it’s possible.)

That said, I wouldn’t turn down a duffel bag of unmarked bills, but that’s another story. 😀

A Year with My Fitbit

December 15th marks one year with my Fitbit! I made a promise to myself that I’d reach 10,000 steps every day, even if I went over the day before. I DID IT!! I didn’t miss a single day. I walked almost 3000 miles! I averaged almost 17,000 steps a day, which is almost 8 miles a day. I’m pretty proud of myself, if I do say so myself. 😉

I feel better. My clothes fit better. I have more energy. I can do long hikes now without being winded.

This has been a great decision, and I’m so glad I stuck with it.

Here’s to the next 3000 miles! 😀

Hearing Her Voice

My husband and I have done trips without Claire in the past. The grandparents have graciously dropped everything in their (albeit retired) lives and come to stay with her, handling school and activities in our absence. The longest trip we took was 2-weeks in Hawaii. Every day, we’d call and talk to her. Correction: Every day, we’d call and they’d MAKE her talk to us. She didn’t really miss us. Not really.

I’ll never forget the day we raced around the island (we’d gone exploring in the boonies) to reach a spot where we had cell service so that we could call her for bedtime, and we stood on tippy toe, holding the phone just right to have enough bars, and she didn’t even really want to talk to us. 😀

This week, Claire has been in Outdoor Lab, and I haven’t missed her. Not really. I know she’s in great hands, and she needs this time to stretch her wings. I’ve relished my new schedule. The lack of early morning alarms means I don’t have as many stellar sunrise photos, but I’ve adjusted. 😉

What I realized today is that I miss hearing her voice. I can’t wait to hear about all her adventures. I’m glad she’s been cut off from us, but I’m starting to feel the tug on my heart.

What a great experience this has been. (…and I don’t even have the details yet!)

😀 ♥

Edited to add: I’ve finally uploaded some photos!

Just another sunrise

…ho hum.

So boring.



Early Morning Hikes

Well, good morning to you, too!

Before school started for the year, Claire asked me if it would be possible to get in our morning hikes before school. More than anything, this is what she said she was going to miss when school started. (This summer, we’d started a habit of hiking in the mornings, and we both love it.)

I wasn’t sure how this would go with our morning routine, but we decided to give it a go. It’s been amazing. We’ve worked it out to where we walk down to the lake and around to a certain spot and then back. It’s about a mile roundtrip, which is just a perfect way to get the day started. It helps us re-center and works as a great attitude adjustment. It’s empowering, invigorating, and we’re not so harried in the mornings because of it.


Sunrise Collage from 8.22.17

Selfie with Supergirl! (picture taking today.)

General Blog Housekeeping

This summer has not only been about hiking and relaxing, it’s been about updating things on the website, too!

If you look back at April, you’ll see a post I just added about Claire’s Art Show Piece.

Another post is from our trip to Tucson for Spring Break in March!



Knowing what I know is coming

Normally, I love Facebook’s “on this day” feature. I love looking at posts from over the years and the reminders of fun adventures, full-on belly laughs, and milestones. Today, though, knowing what I know is coming makes me sad. It’s reminding me of pictures and fun times we had with my mom last year, on this day, the day before my sister’s world came crashing down, the day before we lost our nephew Trenton, the day before I got the most horrible call ever.

…A call I still can’t think about without crying.

Look! There we are with Grandma at the railroad and mine! Look! There we are with Grandma on our hike!

Look! Look at our happy faces! There we are! …And we have no idea what is about to happen.

Maybe I don’t want to look.
Maybe I should.
I don’t know.
…and that’s okay.

Time marches on with an audacity that breaks my heart, but thankfully it does so whether we want it to or not, because right now, my heart can’t be trusted to make those decisions.